Your favorite Finishing Move, and why?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by AdamCopeland18, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. I'm new to the forum, so yeah.. tell me the goods. :yes:

    My favorite would have to be "The Stunner" because Austin is awesome.:finger:
  2. Moving this to the correct section for you :otunga:

    I am a big fan of Seth Rollins (Ask you brother to link you some on him if you haven't seen him) and his finisher called Blackout.
  3. Pedigree because Triple H is the GOAT.
  4. Cody Rhodes - Cross Rhodes and I'm becoming a big fan of Black Out which Stop mentioned
  5. Steen's package piledriver is nice

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  6. I think everybody knows what I'm going to say :dawg:

    Regal Stretch :boss1:
  7. hard to choose but probably the f5
  8. Super Dragon's Psycho Driver.

    WHY? Because it provides neck pain.

    An all inclusive, all expenses paid, and all kinds of neck pain provided montage of one of the most feared series of moves in the sport today, the Psycho Driver. With four standard versions of the move, as well as the Avalanche version of the original, Super Dragon certainly has his pick of how he wants to destroy his opponents. The third and fourth versions are more reserved for when all else fails, same with the Avalanche version. Since 2000, the Psycho Driver and its variants have defeated many of Dragon's opponents, big and small.

    Yep... So brutal.
  9. I love moves that can just be executed out of nowhere... the Stone Cold Stunner, Diamond Cutter, RKO, Sweet Chin Music, etc. I also love the Pedigree because it actually looks pretty painful.
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  10. The Crossface Chickenwing. It was very well applied by Backlund and can actually hurt someone, was very well built as a finisher (kayfabely speaking), I like it.
  11. Big fan of the diamond cutter and sweet chin music. I will go with sweet chin music because during a match I seen HBK almost decapitate rey mysterio coming off the ropes from a 619
  12. Sweet Chin Music - Just tuning up the band
  13. Lion Tamer. :tough:

    why: It just is. Get off my back with all these questions. Want me to wrote you a book?

  14. Sharpshooter or Anaconda Vice, just because I love submission moves for some odd reason.
  15. Damn You Lacky! :aries:

    I like the better version of the pedigree which is CM Punk's Pepsi Plunge
  16. :bury:
  17. Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels. Normally known as the Superkick.

    It's fast, dangerous, and can happen at any time and anywhere.

    Besides that a Powerbomb and F5.
  18. Mine would be the sweet chin music. It's fast, flashy and I've grown up enjoying it. Have also done it to my cousins.

    I also like the F5, just because it looks cool.

    ~Three Said That~
  19. Spear because its awesome
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