Your favorite hall of fame inductee

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Being a huge homer here, but Uecker's induction was hilarious, and so well put together. Perfectly Uecker

    Who is your favorite inductee/who gave your favorite speech?
  2. I watched virtually no speeches, but my favorite HoFer is Bob Backlund (well duh)
  3. Another obvious answer, Bret Hart
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  4. HBK always makes me cry like a little girl.
  5. 3rd Obvious answer: Ron Simmons
  6. Again obvs but Foley!

    But Ueker was awesome. Major League epic film purely for him.
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  7. Stone Cold naturally
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  8. Gonna go with HBK too.
  9. HBK & Ted DiBiase was the only HOF speeches I bothered watching.

    HBK was like delivering the Gettysburg Address haha. XD He was wonderful, everybody was listening, and it opened my tear-ducts like there were 50 people cutting up onions all at the same time in front of my face.
  10. Can anyone tell me why there was a gap between 96 and 04.? oh and my favorite hall of famer is Edge and mick foley.
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