Your favorite member who has left?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Who is your favorite member no longer a part of WWEF? I know a lot of newfags wont be able to post here, but everyone has a favorite member who has left/disappered.

    Mine is KiaSport, for obvious reasons. She said she would only return if she could help move people to the right/correct path. I miss messaging her daily, and she was easily the most over member on this site. (go ahead, dispute it) Who is yours?
  2. Anonymous. Although he comes on sometimes.
  3. #Overrated.
  4. I don't really have one, Kia was nice but I didn't converse with her enough to miss her. I suppose if I was pushed to pick it would be JC4Life37 had to tag him to remember his name but he was so smarky.
  5. All of the people I enjoy most are still here :happy:
  6. MarkyMark is on way too little.
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  7. JC4Life37 was an intelligent dude. He just upped and disappeared.

    I wouldn't mind Vince McMahon/Matt still being around either.
  8. I miss Matt :sad:
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  9. He would be mine as well. Candy Colored Clown posts like twice a week in the other wrestling section
  10. Blank and that one Bieber fan, forgot the username :okay:
  11. White Panda

    He's my selection too. Everyone who I'd possibly miss are still on here, so its just him. He made me feel extremely welcome when I signed up and I haven't really converse with him since. :downer: Come back love! :sad:
  12. Blank was Anon.
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  13. I would have said Baraa but he's back. Or at least for a few days
  14. Matt, Where's Jose?
  15. Blank/Pika/Anon would be first, although he was never that active anyway. One not mentioned is CM Pulse, he was a good poster IMO.
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  16. Definitely Matt.
  17. Maybe I came back too early, I could have fueled my ego with this thread upon my return.

  18. :adr:
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