Your Favorite MMO?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Butters!, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. If you play any MMO's which ones are your favorite?
  2. Sorry man, MMOs are LAME. I got my own life going on, I do not have enough time to play a game that is essentially a second life. I know not all MMOs are that way, but most of the ones I might be interested in are I think (WoW, KOTR, etc.). Grinding is a huge pet peeve of mine.
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  3. PokeMMO is goat. I would like Elder Scrolls Online but buying the game, then xbox live, then paying a subscription for the game and then all the "micro" DLC for it? Thats a massive fuck you to gaming.

    PokeMMO is free and awesome.
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  4. I still play Everquest... how crazy is that? Have a 93 Vah Shir Warrior and a few other characters in the 50s and 60s lol I used to play WoW, had an 85 Orc Warrior... I ended up quitting because it got boring. I played Warhammer Online for a while... I actually enjoyed that game but I didn't think it was worth the $15 a month so I quit. That's about it.. I'd say Everquest is still my favorite.. they are celebrating I believe their 15th anniversary next week.... 15 years and still going.
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  5. I was wondering if that was still going
  6. I recentlly downloaded Everquest 2. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Totally understandable. :emoji_slight_smile: It's quite easy to fall into a habit of constant gaming, which is why i keep busy with activates around my university. Never played WoW before, but i've always wanted to.
  8. I've also wanted Ender Scrolls. How is PokeMMO?
  9. Its so much fun, its the old pokemon games in MMO form.
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  10. A friend of mine tried to get me in on the older Star Wars one. Bought it for me and everything, so I tried it. Hated it. I felt like I would have to play the game for months to finally be any good. Ain't nobody got time for that. Well, then again, obviously some people do.
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  11. Have you ever tried the pixelmon mod in MC?
  12. Nah I dont play MC.
  13. Not to mention the rude number of people when you try to get things done quicker, But now i recentlly play with friends on it, get into a skype call and just have fun. I guess that's the whole point of gaming just to have fun. but i agree, those long quests to get one little thing are extremely irritating.
  14. I'm going to have to get into it... all the years it has been out and I still haven't played it.
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  15. Star Wars: Knights of Old Republc is one of the only MMOs I play at the moment, I haven't been on it in a couple of weeks though.
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  16. I still play WOW, play it a couples of times a week just to raid with a group of friends, tried Star Wars, it was ok, but got bored of it after a while
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  17. WoW easily, it's just such a good game, if it was F2P i'd probably play nothing else.
  18. Kotor is a mmo? I just have the xbox games. Do you pay monthly for the shit?
  19. I think its free up to a certain point now
  20. Word ill look into it later today and see what's up. I need a new video card, somehow my desktop is pretty dank in everything but my damn video card. Weak sauce.
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