your favorite Raw Superstar theme

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  1. my favs or Zack Ryder, Big Show, HHH, Cena, Kofi, and Funkasaurus. I also like AJ and Kelly Kelly
  2. Punk, HHH and Lesnar.
  3. CM Punk, Triple H, Alex Riley, David Otunga, Evan Bourne, and The Miz
  4. Triple H has the GOAT of themes.
  5. My Favs are Sheamus The Maz Eve Dolph Ziggler R-Truth


    you welcome
  6. chris jerichos and undertakers
  7. Please name RAW superstars like the title says.
  8. What Do you Thank about The Prime Time Player's Now They Theme is A head Bagger I listen on youtube every day
  9. Good rhythm on that song, I like it aswell. :obama:
  10. I know he's not on RAW but Michael McGillicutty's theme is awesome.

    Anyway, who is RAW and who's not? There is no brand split. So I'll go ahead and say Christians or Punk's.
  11. Go to and go to superstars, then where it says "current" change it to Raw to see the Raw superstars....odd though Dolph Ziggler is part of RAw :hmm:
  12. THE GAME Triple H and Stone cold Steve austin
  13. Probably Triple H's.
  14. Taker..:pity:
  15. I'm goin with Trip H too
  16. :hardcore: Well my #1 is Punk's-CULT OF PERSONALITY-but I also loved it in the 80's as a teenager-that was #1,so it's not just because it's Punk's-LOVE THE HEAVY GUITAR RIFFS ON IT.

    My #2 is TRIPLE H'S-THE GAME-MOTORHEAD-I was a volunteer host at one of their shows in the bay area-I stood in the aisles and pointed out to people where their seats were.
    It was part time-but when I got off work-I got to see a FREE MOTORHEAD SHOW and they played THE GAME-I LOVE IT!

    #3: IS CENA'S and not just because it's Cena's-I do like some of Eminem's songs and that just happens to be one that I like-YOU CAN'T SEE ME-MY TIME IS NOW and I like the rhythm and the beats on it. I am a music student and these are things I do notice.

    Those are my top 3-but I ADORE THE CULT OF PERSONALITY and not just because it's PUNK'S,I heard it long before him and loved it then.
  17. My fav was The Boogey-Man. my fav Right Now . Woo Woo you know it ZackRyder
  18. I miss Boogey Man :((
  19. Me too.. Could've been bigger in WWE than he was..
  20. Zack Ryder, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, and more..
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