Your favorite ROH wrestlers

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Rank you top five to ten ROH wrestlers, by this I mean guys that work a lot for the promotion since I know a lot of wrestlers work for multiple promotions, some more than others.

    In no particular order:
    Kevin Steen
    Adam Cole
    Roderick Strong
    Mike Bennett
    Mike Elgin
    "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards

    Who's yours?
  2. In no order:

    - Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis)
    - Adam Cole (BOSS)
    - Kyle O'Reilly (douchebag heel 101)
    - Eddie Edwards (average Joe)
    - Jay Briscoe (the most underrated)

    HMs: Mike Elgin and Grizzly Redwood.
  3. Haven't seen enough off Redwood to be able to make myself an opinion him. Kyle as well but I know he was a former tag team partner of Cole's and they had this amazing slightly MMA inspired match a couple of months back (god that match was amazing).
  4. In no particular order.

    Davey Richards
    Adam Cole
    Kevin Steen
    Shelton Benjamin
  5. Kevin Steen
    Mike Bennett
    Eddie Edwards
    Adam Cole

    Not in order.
  6. Yeah, that match (Hybrid Fight) was AMAZING.
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