Royal Rumble Your Favorite Rumble Match/Moments??

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Marshall, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. The 2001 Rumble match was great in my humble opinion. From the Drew Carey & Kane spot, to it being one of the first times weapons were used in he Rumble (Seriously they could bring a new layer to the match if used more), & Kane just shitting on everyone with 11 eliminations!

    My Favorite Moments: Any jobber who get's beat up before entering the match, & Taka & Paul London's awesome eliminations!

    Share yours....

    P.S. Good to back on here!
  2. Flair winning the Rumble/WWF Title was great
  3. The promo afterwards is one of my favorite Flair promos ever.
  4. My favorite moments are when Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumbles. I always think it's cool for the first people to enter, win the entire match.
  5. Rey Mysterio coming in 2nd dedicating it to Eddie and winning in 2006.
  6. As sentimental as that moment is to some people, it's not a top moment for me.. Even with Eddie's passing I don't believe Rey should of been handed that title or that kind of push in 2006.
  7. HBK going over the top and one foot hitting the ground.
  8. My favorite Rumble match is a tie between 2001 and 2004. 2001 had Drew Carey's cameo appearance, Kane's dominance, the hardcore portion of the match, HTM surprise appearance, Taker and Kane showing that they were on the same side again, Austin being attacked and busted open by HHH but still mounting a comeback and winning the match, Big Show's surprise return followed up by his quick elimination, etc. 2004 had Benoit lasting from #1 to the end, Mick Foley's surprise return, Big Show being booked like a dominant giant eliminating several people with ease, the lights going out and Undertaker's gong going off (signifying the eventual return of the Dead Man), etc.

    My favorite moments of any and all Rumble matches would include: the standoff between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior in 1990, Kane's dominance in 2001, Michaels super kicking his buddy HHH over the top in 2010, Benoit managing to find a way (after being in the ring since the start of the match) to eliminate the Big Show at the end all by himself, Austin whooping ass and tossing people out left and right in 1997, Austin and Rock standoff in 2001, Rikishi and Too Cool dancing in the 2000 Rumble only for Rikishi to then toss them both out, Maven eliminating the Undertaker in 2002, etc.
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  9. The 1999 Royal Rumble always sticks out for me. How Austin got took out by The Corporation, but said fuck you to the medics and entered the match again as he wasn't eliminated and just threw out Big Bossman, leaving him vs. Mcmahon 1 on 1. Of course, Mcmahon ended up winning thanks to the Rock distraction, but the match had me hooked. And of course, the 2001 one was awesome too.
  10. I'm just gonna say what I liked since I don't really have a favorite moment. But the one that sticks out right now is when Edge came back and I was just like "OMG It's Edge! I fucking love Edge"

    Least Favorite is Sheamus winning just because the fact that I am a Jericho mark and I was rooting for Y2J the whole time.
  11. Yea I was a pretty butt hurt mark that night. For some reason I had convinced myself they were going to give Jericho the rumble.
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  12. Same. I thought that it was a no brainer. I remember I was getting into it and I got close to my TV and when Sheamus just eliminated him.... I dropped down to the ground and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  13. I don't really have a favorite rumble, but my favorite moment is definitely Maven eliminating the Undertaker
  14. Since I haven't really watched many Rumbles (Which sucks) I can only go back to the first one I watched live when Mysterio won from #2. Other little things like Kofi's/Morrison's ways of not being eliminated.
  15. Flairs win from #1
    Hart/Luger double win
    takas face plant
  16. Edge returning and pushing everything he saw in front of him over top of those damn ropes.
  17. Flair came in 3rd noob
  18. Close enough. Heenans commentary during that match should be in the HOF and should be viewed by every colour man in the business.
  19. yo dog what does the very first response in this thread say? I love that shit, I've watched the 92 rumble more than any other
  20. I thought so too
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