Your favorite school teacher?

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  1. Anyone got or had a school teacher that you'll never forget? I mean, never forget as in a positive way.

    I sure did, this was my old HS teacher back in Bullhead City, his name was Mr. Sanders. He was THE teacher at my school, everyone knew him, everyone remembered him(he still works there, and worked there at the beginning when the school opened), no one disliked him:

    The first video is of him singing in the class, its a few years old, he shaves all the time now so he looks pretty different. Not to mention he has stomach cancer and can't eat certain foods, specially foods with gluten. He eats mostly veges and rice now.

    The second video is of his most famous song in the school(his son did the video effects for him), if you were ever in his class, you KNEW this song. Almost everyone requested it from him.

    He once did a london bridge parody(fergie)but for math. Sadly, no video of it, but it was really good.

    Anyway, anyone else have a favorite teacher from your school years?
  2. I had this teacher i wanted to plow

    Cool vids though
  3. Haha, me too, 2 of em' One at my highschool in Bullhead named Mrs Sharp. Another at my high school up in north dakota. Can't remember her name, though since I got expelled from the school within a month and a half of being there :damnn:

    Also, thanks. He is a really cool teacher. You spend 5 minutes in a room with this man and your bound to find a new friend. He helped me a lot in my life, helped lots of kids with their life problems. He wasn't just a teacher, he was someone we looked up to.
  4. I've always thought it would be easier to memorize things if I put them into a song. It's cool he did that for you guys. I bet it helped a few out.
  5. It did, it was funny because he was the only teacher in that school that did that. We had 3 math teachers for high school, it shows that everyone in sanders class had A's, B's, and minimal C's in his class, while the other math teachers had their kids with dozens of D's and F's. I guess its true for the most part what they say, its not the student, its the teacher.
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  6. So true. Teachers play a big factor on the grades and attitude to learning of the students. Mine would be my journalism teacher. He was an integral part of my life. Ummm, I know old members know my story, so I'm not telling how important he was haha. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Mrs. Inman x3
  8. I won't forget a vast majority of any of the teachers I had, my memory is impeccable. Do I have a favorite though, not really. I have my favorites but I don't have a number one favorite and that's because I got along/liked almost all of my teachers. I had incredible luck in that part, except for Senior year where I basically found a way to be able to decide which teachers I got in addition to the classes.

    I'll give a few shout out those (this will be strictly high school, there is at least one from each school level but high school has the most so that's why I'm focusing on that). My first year Bio teacher was cool, funny guy. My World History teacher was good too, that was one of the only classes where we had a period dedicated to discussing me. And no, I wasn't involved in the conversation either. It was basically about whether or not I'm a nerd, the teacher was playing defense. It was odd. Next year, my US History was good, I brought her a water gun. My Law/Forensics teacher was awesome, for reasons that I hope are obvious. My English teacher was good too, she also got off-topic a lot. While it gets sickening hearing about Michael Jackson every day, it wasn't work. My second year Bio teacher was cool too, even if she wouldn't take me out of the yearbook. Replacement teacher for Us History II was awesome, anyone who stops class to give us Batman trivia is cool in my book. He also accepted smart-ass answers, which is a plus. Basically, he asked who was the second person to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong, and I responded Neil Armstrong's partner and still got it. Replacement Spanish teacher was cool, me and my friend(s) spent a lot of time hanging around in her room after school and talking. No, looks have nothing to do with it, but if you must know I did touch her ass once. Finally, pretty much every teacher senior year. Particularly my government teacher, great guy, great teacher, and hilarious. He also let me skip lunch and hang out in his room, which was much appreciated. Could shout out a few more, but I'm bored with this.

    Also, Mr. Sanders seems like a great guy. Would've been fun to have a teacher who actually tried to add an element of fun to such a boring subject as math. I'll still liked most of my math teacher though, not bashing them but their attitude was, "Just do it," rather than "let's make this fun to do."
  9. Is that you in your avatar?
  10. You wish.
  11. There's not many decent teachers at my school, they're either really nice or just an absolute **** which is the vast majority of them.

    My favorite teacher would have to be a History/Geography teacher who's a mad pot head but somehow hasn't been caught yet haha I didn't even know he smoked pot until me and a few friends went to a dealers and saw him there and we ended up getting high together. My second favorite though would have to be this music teacher who's just layed back as shit and gets up kids for not paying their tick, he's a funny ****. :otunga:
  12. Good, @GrammarNazi82 is the only hot girl here
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  13. WTF!!!! :tough:
  14. :lol1: Why thank you, kind sir. :otunga:
  15. :datass: :ksi:
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  16. A pot head teacher? Has he ever taught you under the influence? Because that would be just hilarious. I have never had a teacher that came to school blazed out of his mind on herb, however, I did know a staff member who came to school completely plastered.
  17. I had an English teacher who was an attractive lesbian. Short blonde hair, wore a lot of leather. She was pretty cool, too. Massive girl-crush, lol.
  18. She was able to teach while dressed in a lot of leather?? :rock: What school did you go to!? :cornette:
  19. Welcome, sweet cheeks. :rock:
  20. I meant boots, bracelets, skirts. She even wore skirts in winter, lol. Like I said, she was very awesome.
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