Your favorite special episodes on TV

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Post your favorite special from any TV show or franchise.

    Absolutely love this one. A lifelong fan like Tennant meeting a GOAT like Davison. You can see how big of a fanboy he is
  2. cant think of any :upset: but the one you chose is good :sonic:
  3. I don't have very many anymore-except MONDAY NIGHT RAW and SMACKDOWN-I use to love the NEW DALLAS-and when I was younger the old one too-but the new one is on hiatus and won't be back til January-so when it comes back-I will have my old show back-lol. But for now-it's RAW and SMACKDOWN and SATURDAY MORNING SMACKDOWN. MOSTLY RAW-and my favorite one as of late of which I watch a zillion times over is THE STEELCAGE MATCH with PUNK AND LAWLER-the recent one, I record all 3 whenever they're on-RAW,and Both SMACKDOWNS-lol.
    My favorite though like I said is with Punk and Lawler in the steel cage-and most especially the very beginning of it when the 2 are having discussion about Lawler not being able to say that HE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD and How Lawler misspoke himself when he said that PUNK had just turned his back on the WWE. The reason being why it's my favorite is it hit very close to home and got me really thinking about things in my life and so I decided I needed to make some changes in my life and being way too overly nice for years-wasn't getting it anymore-so I did a little change up and sure enough-when I spoke-they listened this time and I got what I wanted and had been needing for years and usually something like that doesn't ever really work most of the time,but in my case and situation that I had been in at the time-it worked and I do have Punk to thank for that-despite what happened afterwards.
    That episode was the kick in the pants I needed and the things I needed to hear to finally do what needed to be done and had been long overdue.
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