Your favorite vignette

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  1. What is it?

    Mine is
  2. a VERY close second
  3. All of Perfects sports vignettes, followed by Razor Ramon's.
  4. I think I messed up, what I meant was what is your favorite video package. Oh well, those are mine. Share yours.
  5. This one's pretty awesome. Undertaker's return promo, Unforgiven 07.

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  6. Y2J's Save_Us
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  7. First vignette I've ever watched, when I started watching occasionally.
  8. This is my personal favourite.

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  9. I'm gonna agree with Punk and say the It Begins ones. Those were sick. Loved em.
  10. Yep, pretty much. Rewatching all these now just reminds me of how much I loved pretty much everything about these videos. Even though I was pretty much always 100% that it was Chris Jericho it didn't stop me from having fun analyzing each and every video and debating with the people online who thought the videos were for Taker (though for the first couple I can see where they're coming from but I never bought it was for Taker) but outside of those fond memories, everything about these were great from cinematography, the words, the way the did it at first (giving out links on their feed during the live show), etc.
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  11. oh video package? goddammit danielson
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  12. Yeah, I messed the thread off from the jump lol.
  13. Oh and this. Hard to find his originals I guess
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  14. Nearly convinced me that he was gonna win, and it's just a really awesome montage of Henry's moments.
  15. That one is real sweet. I remember wanting him to win that match terribly.
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