Your favourite AMERICAN football teams.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. There you go, have your American Football thread boys. Helps separate hand-egg and football.
  2. Those fags in the body armour.
  3. Yeah but Football mean Football in UK and Football in America :emoji_wink:, can we change this to your favourite american sports teams?

    Either way mine are (if you change the thread)

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    MLB - Toronto Blue Jays
    NHL - Boston Bruins
    NBA - since Seattle Supersonics got franchised off, I didn't have a team until last year, when I chose Toronto Raptors and Minnesota Timberwolves.
  4. Don't steal my thread, fag.
  5. [​IMG]

    I guess i get the pain, we love to come into your threads and insult your favorite clubs. The difference? I enjoy soccer, while most of you get butthurt at the thought of enjoying a great sport. SOCCER.
  6. We watch Rugby which is the same but with no padding.
  7. Miami Dolphins? What? LMFAO!

    Pro: Patriots
    College: Michigan State
  8. You question the Dolphins yet say you support the Patriots? :facepalm:
  9. Yeah cause Dolphins.... wait for it... SUCK! :pipebomb:

    At least the Patriots can make it to the superbowl :lol:
  10. I'd take the dolphins anyday over Brady crying like a bitch and complaining about his team losing when he is the main problem. Waaaaa poor me, and i am not talking about his gf/wife/whore who posted about it, who cares about her opinion unless its while shes naked.

    Packers. Packers. Packers. Dynasty, the best team in the NFL as of the last couple seasons, and the reason we have the Lombardi Trophy. Do i even have to mention we own the team?
  11. And the trash talk starts already. Dolphins will be fine this year, remember how good they were down the stretch?

  12. In case you missed my post in the soccer thread rainman, Flacco - overrated. :true: :haha:

    Trash talk = good times.
  13. Just in case you missed my reply, I was kidding. :true:
  14. Unfortunately I wasn't around in the good old Dolphin days, I think we will have a much better season this time, least year we did better than I expected (considering the previous 2 seasons), so things can only get better.
  15. That's because the Packers are... uhm... good.. lmao

    I don't have any problems with the Packers. Not a fan of them though.

    My state loyalty requires me to say Detroit Lions, but damn they're a disapointment.. Not so much last year though, they did alright last season.
  16. Eagles.
  17. To answer Dolph's post on the football thread, that concerns me. Factoring in the loss of Ben Grubbs, Bryant McKinnie's benching, Ray Rice's holdout, and questions everywhere else... This could be a really scary year for the Ravens' O.
  18. NE Patriots
    Cleveland Indians
    Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
  19. Dude your qb is going to throw 5k yards and you have megatron, and one of the top 3 sickest d lines in football. I love the pack because im WISCO SON! You dont have to love us, i just hate patriots fans, especially ones from outside their small area. Coach is a piece of shit cheater, and the qb is a crybaby. They are the yankees of football, and anyone who appreciates baseball and isn't from NY, hates the yankees.

    Eagles are always in it, vick is boss dude. Should be a lot to see from our side this year.

    Sorry rainman, i posted on the soccer thread also, you can like who you like, i just think its disappointing seeing Flacco be so great some games and so, so bad in the playoffs. It was cold saying he's comparable to Romo, he isnt welcome back in my state.
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