Your favourite comedian

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  1. Carl Barron is the best at observational comedy, he makes you laughs from the littlest things.

    Tim Vine is my favourite comedian, his fast paced one liners & puns are so good that if you don't get one joke there is always another joke just about to happen. Enjoy.

    Who are some of your favourite comedians?? Post videos of them so we can check them out.
  2. IT'S ALL ABOUT ROB DELANEY!!! His special "Live at the Bowery Ballroom" is an absolute must-listen.
  3. Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin, and Zach Galifianakis are my top three favorite comedians.
  4. Testify >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.you all :boss: :coalition:
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  5. Greg Giraldo by far, dude had intelligence up the ass, and died WAY too young.

    Chris D'elia, aka Topher, im friends with the guys now.

    For the Drake fans
  6. I don't know many comedians but Anthony Jeselnik is pretty fucking funny.
  7. and we are back down to even. -1 for jesselnik.
  8. Well damn:sad:
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  9. Do youtube comedians count?
  10. I'll be the judge of that. :haha:

    Seriously we cant find new comedians without you taking a chance. Pull your fingers out of your vagina and post.
  11. If so then Boogie2988 is my favorite comedian hands down.
  12. lol World of warcraft guy.
  13. I've always considered Jontron a comedian, he does Video Game reviews but he's hilarious af.
  14. But overall Comedian, Chris Farley comes to my mind as one of the most funny men to ever live.
  15. I'm not big on World of Warcraft,I can't get into games like that. Boogie's vids were he plays as Francis or Jesse just make me crack the fuck up.
  16. Oh and btw... I like my fingers in my vagina. :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. yeah, francis the WoW guy. His account getting hacked was his biggest one. He was alright. I still prefer Reymon14. OAR YOU WEADY is so Respect Gohan6425
  18. Gervais and Izzard are two personal favorites of mine. Not sure if John Stewart counts as a stand up but his material on the Daily Show is lulzworthy.
  19. Frankie Boyle, Russel Howard, Jimmy Carr, Rhod Gilbert (probs my fave), Sean Lock to name a few.
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