Your favourite Crush

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Demolition Crush

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  2. Kona Crush

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  3. NOD Crush

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  4. DOA Crush

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  5. Who cares? Crush sucks!

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  1. Saw a pic of Kona Crush and realized how many Crush gimmicks he had.
  2. I don't remember enough of him :okay:
  3. Just realized, when most people see the title of the thread, they're going to think it's about Crush pop. :dawg:
  4. I'm not gonna lie, I came here to :fap: to Eve
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  5. :dawg: That word has too many possible meanings.
  6. I always forget there is an actual wrestler named Crush. :dawg:
  7. Kona Crush by a huge as mile, but like Doink says Pineapple head.
  8. I still remember his debut vignettes, on a beach in "Hawaii" with his face Hawaiian accent. Pure gold Jerry, pure gold!
  9. Who cares? Crush sucks!
  10. I'm shocked that hasn't been the most popular answer. Just nostalgia on my part made me make this thread.
  11. Crush seems like he was in every shitty stable in the late 90s that didn't pan out.
  12. Every one but Los Boricuas.
  13. Indeed.

    off topic; That Norman Smiley gif is nice
  14. Thanks, always loved the big wiggle! He doesn't get enough attention.
  15. Same here and the Ironic Fact was at that time he was Kona Crush, I was living in Hawaii. That mans stuff like you said, was pure gold. Surprised that he didn't win the WWE Championship.
  16. NOD I guess. :damn:
  17. I loved Kona Crush when I was younger.
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