Your favourite feud from past years untill now

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Simple as that..

    There has been so many good ones, but I like the more personal ones like the McMahon's vs Orton. It was so damn good acted like it was for really..

    Just fantastic imo. Great played and all. Maybe the outcome wasn't that welcome for everyone, but it just shows what a damn good heel Orton was back in that day. He portrayed the psycho thing really well.

    How about yours?
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  2. Punk vs Cena MITB2011

    Randy vs Cena

    May be better ones but I stopped watching WWE
  3. Austin vs McMahon
  4. Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy, maybe wasn't too good but love both wrestlers.
  5. Jericho v Rock - 2001
    Jericho v Goldberg - WCW 1998ish
  6. Edge v Kane, with the Paul Bearer kidnap stuff, it was great
  7. Anything CM Punk.
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  8. Austin vs Vince - No explanation needed.

    Austin vs Rock - See above.

    Austin vs Bret - Two complete opposites who had near perfect chemistry and were just perfect as enemies for one another.

    Undertaker vs Mankind - Mankind attacking and fighting the Undertaker was a very "meet your match" kind of feud. He was just as dark and deranged as Taker (Taker was more supernatural than deranged, but whatever) and was the first guy to beat Taker cleanly (not counting Hogan on a house show in 1991) ever since Taker's WWF debut. Feud was pretty personal and also saw Paul Bearer turn on Taker in favor of Mankind and it also gave us one of the most dramatic moments ever at KOTR 1998.

    Undertaker vs Kane - See above. Kane was just like Mankind, but even more diabolical, which is why the first match he had was getting to destroy Mankind at Survivor Series 1997, which was a way of saying that this previous worst enemy of Taker's wasn't even a problem for him. Their first feud was the best. Their match leading up to WM14 was one of my most anticipated matches back then.

    'Hollywood" Hogan/NWO vs Sting - Sting stalking Hogan and the NWO for well over a year before their eventual (and disappointing) match. The moment Sting made it clear he was on WCW's side was Uncensored 1997, one of my biggest mark out moments ever. You can watch it on Youtube.
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  9. Austin/Bret was magical. Good mention.
  10. HHH vs HBK at Armageddon 2002 was pretty awesome as well.

    Good build up, match and story.
  11. Randy Orton should have won the match however the feud was phenomenal.
  12. Agreed. HHH got it on the side of ''protecting the family''.

    But if Orton would've won it would be a good way to solidify him as the biggest heel there..
  13. True. But... :bury:
  14. Mud butt. :cornette:
  16. My favorite feud would have to be the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels feud.
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