Your favourite football player in terms of personality.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Players for example who don't cheat, are nice on and off the pitch, etc. Doesn't have to be skill.

    For me it's Hernandez. Even if he's out the team and not scoring, he's so happy when his team mates score and is always so humble.

    On a personal note, Evra, as he's so god damn passionate about United, though I can understand why he's hated :lol1:.
  2. Drew Brees, he seems pretty cool, he's a nice and down to Earth dude, plus he wears cool hat and dat hair :gusta:
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  3. Balotelli, he's such a boss.
  4. Not hand-egg bro, football.
  5. Balotelli but that's too obvious.

    James Mc F'N Pake. Honestly, aside from the fact he has 8k followers and still has time to reply to me on twitter, he just winds up the gunts (Hearts) so much.

  6. I agree, that's what I posted.
  7. Robin Van Persie because hes the only soccer player i know since i use him on fifa 12
  8. Sergio Ramos. Good player and seems a good guy outside the field.
    He had many smart birds, hats off..

    Idolized him when I was young and still a footballer.
  9. Quite possibly the best defender in the world, but he's a damn dirty player on the pitch :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. I forgot to say Aguero too, for the basis that he's always smiling.
  11. RVP is up there for me too, always was at Arsenal too. Never cocky, never took credit for saving his team, always credited his team mates. Real quality guy.
  12. Mellberg based on just personal preference. Hard worker, good player and good knowledge of the game, plus he tends to push the teams he plays for well on the pitch.
  13. And he's got a legendary beard.
  14. I scared Seabs once during the Euros with a Mellberg avatar. Good times.
  15. Indeed :yay:
  16. :dawg:
  17. Patrick Vieira and Del Piero.
  18. I always loved the rivalry between Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane.
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