Your favourite Football team(s)

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  1. Title says all.

    My no. 1 team is AZ Alkmaar from Holland.

    Besides AZ: Manchester City, AC Milan, Glasgow Rangers, Santos, Porto and I can't decide between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid..

    How about yours?
  2. Pretty sure there's a thread on this.

    Clubs I support - United and Madrid

    Clubs I like to watch - Barca, Spain, United on a good day, Madrid, Sporting Lisbon, Ajax, Swansea City, Blackpool, Man United reserves, England U21's, Tottenham, Arsenal. God so many.
  3. [​IMG]

    Don't support anyone else, although I have a liking for Liverpool to an extent.

    A who you hate thread would have been a better read lol.
  4. Forgot to add Santos, Sau Paulo, Juventus, AC Milan on a good day, Flamingos, Porto, Benfica, Lille from last season.
  5. Hmm mine are

    Teams I'm in love with
    Huddersfield Town
    Northern Ireland

    Teams I like to see do well
    Newcastle United
    Manchester United
    Fleetwood Town
    Linfield FC
    Rangers FC
    Bayern Munich

    That's it for now :haha:
  6. Forgot to add the obvious Brazil and Argentina. I'm liking the US national team too atm. But sometimes they're fucksucky boring but sometimes they're decent.

    Forgot a ton of teams too, it bothers me. I watch so much football.
  7. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:issed: WE ARE OVER! :angry:
  8. What's with all the Liverpool loving? Second worst club in the world behind Leeds.
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  9. This. LIKED
  10. New Orleans Saints
  11. :bury:
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  12. Oakland Raiders
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  13. Chicago Bears.
  14. Miami dolphins
  15. Bolton.
  16. Also like da San Diego Chargers
  17. Stoke, so exciting.
  18. Club I support:

    Clubs I like to watch:
    Man U
    Man C
    Fulham (my bro is a Fulham supporter so it's always nice to see a derby)
    Real Madrid
    Atheltico Madrid
    Swedish national team
    England national team
    Spanish national team
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