Your Favourite Forgotten Factions

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    We all know The Four Horseman, NWO, DX, The Hart Foundation etc. I want to hear factions that you loved, but never really see praised online. I'll start :

    - The Network (ECW 2000-2001)
    Kind of lost in the fall of ECW, The Network was one of the most entertaining stables of this century mostly because of Cyrus The Virus' mic skills which really got the faction over with the ECW faithful. Among that we had Steve Corino in his prime, the introduction of Tajiri to North American wrestling and Rhino showing what a monster heel should be (WWE take notes for Ryback).
    The main positive of this faction is that it was nearly always entertaining whether it was Cyrus/Corino on the mic or Tajiri/Corino/Rhino in the ring. The main negative is that the faction had pretty much no star power and no one in it ever went on to do anything of importance afterwards.

    - JBL's Cabinet (SmackDown 2004 - 2005)
    During SmackDown in 2004, JBL assembled a team of allies to help him keep the WWE title around his waist which he did for nearly a year. The stable consisted of JBL, Orlando Jordan (pre ghetto tranny), the Basham Brothers and their owner who I don't really remember, but she had sweet dark chocolate-esque skin.
    Positives, JBL running shit for a good ten months was awesome. The end of his title reign led to John Cena being pushed into the main event. Negatives, no one cared about anyone in the faction except for JBL and it meant that Orlando Jordan was in a lot of main event matches. I know, what a crime! Right?
  2. Nation of Domination, first version when they had like only 4 wrestlers and the rest with no names but also the whole black power one with Farooq as leader and then when Rock took over. All 3 versions are forgotten and it sucks because they were pretty good.
  3. Mean Street Posse!

  4. Watch Test vs. Shane McMahon at SummerSlam '99. It's their finest moment.
  5. I actually enjoyed the Oddities. Cartman plush toy FTW.
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