Your favourite Tag Team of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Mine has and always will be The Road Warriors.
  2. DX, New Age Outlaws, Road Warriors, Dudley Boys, E&C... I like lots of teams, don't have one single favorite.
  3. DX, Hardy Boys! Simples!:burns:
  4. I've got several. New age outlAws, steiners, Hollywood blondes, windham and Rhodes, Steve Williams and terry Gordy.
  5. Don't think I could pick one overall but probably Dudley's. Hardys E&C etc was great too though.
  6. The Hardyz were my favorite tag team of all time in WWE. They were great highflyers, they were brothers so they had great chemistry, they were decent on the mic, both of them took a lot of high-risk moves (Jeff more than Matt, but still), just entertaining overall, etc.. It was a joy to watch them.

    Rated RKO and DX were great, as well.
  7. Edge and Christian! :yay:
  8. Stone Cold & HHH
  9. Edge & Christian is probably my favorite, for both being funny on the mic and great in the ring. APA and the New Age Outlaws are a close second and third.
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