Your favourite team to watch (Football)?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Mine atm would be Real Madrid, it sort of doesn't count since I'm a fan of them (as much as I am a United fan) and have been for ages, but I'm not bias :emoji_slight_smile:. Under Mourinho they've played some awesome football, underrated football imo. I'm a fan of fast playing teams with awesome counter attacks. My second would be Tottenham.
  2. Tottenham. Big Spurs fan. among the nationals I'd have to pick either England or Germany.
  3. The famous Edinburgh Hibees !
  4. Dunno how you can watch England mate.
  5. Must be comical when you're not supporting them, I'll say Arsenal the way they move the ball can be magical.
  6. Arsenal or Real Madrid ATM

    I don't get to watch nearly as much EPL as I would like to because most of the games are on 5 or 6 in the morning local time on Saturday & Sunday :silva:
  7. Most of our games are on at 11am (or 10 or 12, fucking America -,-) your time. There's hardly any 12pm kick offs here, if there is, there's only one. 3pm is the standard kick off time.

    Mine used to be Arsenal but even though they're better than they have been this season - they're not anywhere near they're enjoyable best.
  8. Next week ESPN 2 shows Arsenal vs Stoke at 6:55 AM on Saturday. Remember there are 4 time zones in the US (sorry for being so massive and awesome) and the Pacific time zone is the earliest.

    Luckily City vs Man U is on Monday at like 11:30. Monday games are generally the only ones I see
  9. Monday games are on at 8pm kick off here so how in gods name is Utd vs City at 11:30?
  10. Well the kickoff must be at noon then, but the broadcast starts at 11:30. 8 hours difference? idk bro, l2 time zone
  11. Arsenal
    The Netherlands
    Real Madrid
  12. You're not 8 hours behind us, surely? What time is it there now? Mikedot (wherever he's from) is 4 or 5 hours behind I think.
  13. It's 5:23

    The West coast is 3 hours behind the east coast you noob
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