Your favourite theme currently on RAW?

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  1. Which superstar has the best theme on RAW atm? I'm probably going to go with Axel, with Wyatt coming pretty close behind. Mark Henry is up there as well; love that theme.
  2. Wyatt's is my favourite by far atm.
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    I believe this is where I would put a sound clip of Jonathan saying "such a mark".

    In my defense, a lot of these were for trolling purposes and it's outdated list as well. (Would add Wyatt's.)

    Edit: Oh and Barrett's current theme as well.
  4. Just Close Your Eyes takes it.
  5. aj's theme is growing on me also like the shields and Y2J's
  6. Jack Swagger and 3MB. I mean honestly, who doesnt watch Raw and sing "We're a 3 man baaaaaaaaaaaaaand"!? That's all the words I know from the song, but it doesnt matter!
  7. Broken out in looooove
  8. Broken out in love and Cult of personality.
  9. Wyatt, Axel, Henry, Punk.
  10. Wyatt Family - Creepy
    Christian - Just a cool song
    Jack Swagger - Sadly, I don't care about him that much anymore
    Brock Lesnar - Whenever it plays, I say "OH SHIT!"
    Dolph Ziggler - I just like dat azz shake. :silva:
    Axel - Remixed Mr. Perfect. :obama:

    You have the lame version of Burn in my Light. The one with 2:56 is the best. Aka Burn in my Light V2.
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  11. All the themes I have are the original songs, lol.
  12. Cody Rhodes' theme, The Shield, CM Punk, Wyatts, Axel.
  13. And the rock's theme. It fuckin awesome to get pumped
  14. This one:

  15. As a song: Ziggler's theme. Every time he comes out on PPV I have to rewind and watch his entrance at least 3 times on triple my usual volume just to give the awesomeness it's due credit.
  16. Axel,Wyatt Family,Swagger,Shield,and, Henry's themes.
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