WrestleMania Your favourite WM29 Entrace?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. For me.


    Taker's entrance was awesome imo
  2. 1-Punk
    Honorable mention for Punk :smug1:
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  3. I'll only say Punk because he entered with Living Colors performing LIVE so it was amazing if you were there
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  4. CM Punks
    The Undertaker - The hand thing was cool
    That's about it.
  5. Yeah, but in living colour sang it poorly, vocals were off...

    Personally I thought the takers entrance was overkill. The hands still reaching after he was halfway down the ramp was too much...

    HHH walking to the ring with what looked like jizz on his belly was funny...

    For me it is:
    Fandango: really played up his character as the ladies man. Worked perfectly.
    Jericho: boss as always. I want that jacket!!!
    Tonnes of funk: because they didnt enter!!!!
  6. Punk's was the best, I had always thought it would have been cool to see a live version of Cult of Personality and it didn't disappoint.

    Taker's was cool because I liked his Shredder/Assassin's Creed outfit.

    Gotta love the CO2 fail in Triple H's
  7. 1. Punk
    2. Taker
    3. Fandango
  8. Punk
  9. Living Colour sounding amazing. BTW how many of you thought a bunch of whites sang it?
  10. only two I even remember are Punk for Living Colour and HHH for his jizz belly
  11. *raises hand*
  12. lmfao I knew a couple people would think they were. Not a lot of all black rock bands out there.
  13. smh @ anyone who isn't familiar w/ Living Colour.

    great band you scrubs
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  14. Heard their music, but never saw them in person. By the voices I assumed white. My bad :Otunga:
  15. lol naw I knew, but i remember when i first heard about them when i was younger it was shocking they were all black. That's all.
  16. Living Colour sounded great, sure the vocals weren't exact, but what do you expect. They still sounded amazing, and CM Punk's entrance was my favorite because of them. Also enjoyed Vernon's guitar playing :yay: I marked my screen when their name got introduced. Living legends in Colour.
  17. Punk & Taker without a doubt had the best entrances, it was great seeing Living Color live, and the hands thing in Taker's entrance was fantastic, I'm finding a hard time deciding which one was the better :upset:
  18. Punk
    Lesnar (dat feel)
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