Your Feedback: Episode 1

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Every week I'll be making a thread based on how the recent RAW compared with last weeks, and what else can be improved. I'll start.

    Comparison with last week:
    Much preferred this weeks RAW from last weeks, as once again Kane got the upper-hand in the Cena feud ft Eve/Ryder, Jericho verified his "trolling" gimmick letting us all know that last week wasn't just some fail return, but that it was intended and played perfectly. Also, we had some great backstage segments which WWE have neglected over the years.

    What can improve for next week:
    The usage of their superstars. Miz/Truth are both being damaged by this feud they're in. Miz looks weaker than ever and is getting no mic time & Truth is now listening to the people he hated just 6 weeks ago... how does this feud make sense? Also, we don't want Big Show on RAW. We don't need SmackDown superstars taking up the main event. Use it to concentrate on something else. Last thing, stop making matches that every-one knows will end in interference. It's just insulting to us fans.

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  2. Comparison with last week:
    Had a nice injection of fun which I've felt wwe has been missing for a while with the Brodus Clay segment.
    Jericho seems to be continuing his meme gimmick. I can't wait for the challenge accepted part.
    Also a really nice backstage brawl this week it felt very real to me. Why they didn't go backstage for a long time did confuse me. These guys want to hurt each other but only in the ring?

    What can improve for next week:
    Put the WWE title feud in the main event. I know Cena is the poster child but he shouldn't be main eventing whilst the WWE champion is in the midcard. If Cena has to main event why not do a tag ? Cena and Punk vs Ziggler and Swagger? The title should be a focal point of the show not an after thought.

    Miz deserves some protection just because he can recapture his heat easily doesn't mean he should be forced to. He looks like a joke which helps no one. If truth beats him he beat a joke. If Miz wins it's makes truth look like a joke for losing to him. It's lose lose.
  3. Pretty much that ^

    But tag-team main events are so boring and pointless, so I'd disagree with that.