Your Feels On Guns

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. I am sure this will end in a huge argument, CM Punk saying I am a man and closing the thread...

    But how do you feel about guns? Should only police and army officials carry them, or should they be available to everyone?
    If available for everyone, where do you draw the line? (age,sex,income,ect)
    I know it is different in the US vs the UK (the current gun laws) so no need to explain that.
    All current laws thrown aside, how would you like guns to be handled?
  2. You have to be 18,
    You have to pass a mental examination,
    You have to pass multiple tests to prove that you are capable, knowledgeable and responsible enough to handle one. These have to be renewed on a regular basis
    You have to ave a hunters permit/license,
    The guns need to be kept in a security locker when not used, said locker needs to be locked.
    All ammo must be kept in a separate locker.
    This is just for hunting rifles. Semi automatics/automatics should/are not available to the public.

    This is how it works in Sweden, and it works incredibly well.
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    When civilians are defenseless, it's really easy for a government (especially one like the U.S of A) to go full blown EVIL. That being said, it's not like a bunch of rednecks and thugs would be able to stand up to the Government if something were to go down anyway :haha: (Martial law anyone?)

    So idk. I'm kinda split. Then again, I'm 'murrican... FUCK YEAH GUNZ!
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  4. How does it work in America? You can have guns for protection or something, right?
  5. Anyone can get a gun easily. Like if I decided on a whim to go buy a gun right now I would have it before tonight.
  6. What the fuck? You don't need a license or anything? If you don't, that's fucked up.
  7. You need to be a certain age and yes, you need a license, but not for all guns. You can easily get gun without a serial number from off the streets without a license though.
  8. That's kind of obvious.
  9. Don't worry they banned assault rifles :adr:
  10. I don't care if people have one for protection or hunting. I'm from a country area, and everyone has themselves a shotty, and a pistol. My only issue is with assault rifles. I personally have two guns..... wait... nvm just my arms. :tough:
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  11. Guns is great.
  12. I think every responsible and stable home should have a gun for protection. I personally don't like guns, I have only ever shot a b b gun :lol1:
    Going to have to get lessons when we move though.. Wayne wants a gun. :upset:
  13. Ic, I've never shot one either. Never felt the need. I just keep a baseball bat in my house. Feel like if I heard someone breaking in I could give em a babe ruth type swing to the dome.
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  14. I actually want a katana sword :boss1:
    And a huge dog. I would be set.

    Or I can be like Tyson and just own a tiger. :haha:
  15. Katana sword would be badass. Just hang it on your wall and when people try to rob you guys, you can step in front of wayne and cut off their head. Sweet
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I have a gun in my pants
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  18. Asian chicks are the best :gusta:
  19. inb4 @Senhor Perfect agrees
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