Your greatest WRESTLER of all time!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. You only get one

    For me.
    Ric Flair
  2. [​IMG]

    I can't think of a single flaw tbh, the crowd adored him, he could work better than most, unbelievably charasmatic, loved the business and his promo work is godly.
  3. Seabs took mine. So I guess the second one would be Jericho.
  4. [yt][/yt]​

  5. Wrestling wouldn't be what it is today without Hogan.

    Flair is a close second.
  6. Not disputing that. But I'm asking the best WRESTLER! Not personality or marketability
  7. Hogan had it all besides outstanding technical ability, which obviously isn't needed to be the face of a company since WWE doesn't allow their top guys to have more than 5 moves anyway
  8. i have to say Rob Van Dam
  9. I used to be such a huge RVD fan.
  10. Back when I wanted 2 b a wrestler (ya, really) I wanted to just like Trish. Sooo, Ill go with Trish Stratus
  11. Undertaker.
  12. Yet again @[Draine] owns everyone with his sig.
  13. Hogan or Michaels, can't choose.
  14. Only one man for me and that'd be Foley.
  15. Undertaker, no one is more resilient then him, straight legend
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