Your greatest WWF/WWE matches ever.

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  1. Now this will be a tough subject for many myself included. You've got to list what you believe to be the best matches ever.

    A few of my opinions would be :

    Savage vs Steamboat wrestlemania 3 :

    Just a great example of execution and crowd working from two men considered the best. The pop steamboat got was in no doubt due to the old school heel work of savage.

    Michaels and Hart. What a rivalry? The best of all the matches for me was this iron man match the quality from Shawn's typical exceptional to the overtime finish. It goes for an hour but never feels like it. The execution is crisp as ever between the two.

    There are a few matches from these two I could have put in but this match told a really good story whilst having the expected flash from Jericho and Michaels.

    What a phenomenal match between three great workers HHH brought out his A game and Benoit and Michaels were well.. Benoit and Michaels. The emotional after match with Eddie still brings emotion.

    Often forgotten but what a classic. The walls of Jericho above the ladder is an extremely memorable spot for me. This is how you make the mid card relevant.

    Many people have forgotten this match due to their classics at Wrestlemania but this has ages really well compared to the others imo. Michaels trying to initially avoid the confrontation with Taker leading to the huge table spot then the legendary debut of Kane. Commentary was excellent as well as the action.

    Well here are some of the greatest for me. What does everyone else list as the best?

    All I ask is if you could offer a short summary for each suggestion as why like I have. Include videos if you can also for any others who haven't seen the matches.
  2. Gonna use this post to post some matches I think were great, since you pretty much took most of the "greatest" ones yourself :emoji_wink:.

    First one: Obviously I didn't see this live, but I've watched it many times being a big fan of Bret.

    Bret was on fire in this match for me. It told a great story, some good spots for the hardcore fans (blood whores) and was just great to watch I thought. I rarely watch matches over and over again, but this is one I can.

    Not hard to work out why. Both are up there with the greatest wrestlers of all time, and this match was pro-wrestling genius. I find it difficult watching Benoit after what happened, but you have to give it to him, he was one hell of a wrestler. The story told was insane, the wrestling was insane, loved everything about it. Heyman era on SmackDown :emoji_heart:.

    Just the highlights of this one in this video, but this was the first tag-team ladder match and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really loved both of those tag teams. These sort of matches make me wish, so very hard, that we had a proper tag-team division now.

    I could post many more tbh but quite busy, will post some more later no doubt with more thorough explanations.
  3. Mankind vs Taker Hell in a Cell - Without a doubt.
  4. Oh hell yeah, forgot to add that. The two spots alone made that match epic.
  5. 6 man HIAC.

    Royal Rumble 2001 (Kane destroyed everyone, especially Honky Tonk Man)

    ^7:40 is where the mayhem begins. I highly suggest you watch, awesome entrance too.
  6. I miss Chris Benoit. :emoji_slight_frown:
    He was a beast.
  7. Some more,
    - Kane vs Undertaker (Summerslam 2000)

    - Undertaker & Kane vs DDP & Kanyon (Summerslam 2001 - Cage match)

    - Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian (Summerslam 2000 - TLC match, suspended titles)

  8. That tag-team match especially is epic. Going to watch it again as we speak.