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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Saylor, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. There's this girl in my college. I pretty much love her. I have feelings for her. I've talked to her many times but haven't spoke to her in like 2 months or more properly. I don't go on BBM anymore, I don't like using it and I've deactivated facebook. I can't talk to her in real life because of my mates and her mates and I don't know if she would 'talk' if you understand, because she's the shy type.

    She looks like Maria and when I look at Maria she reminds me of her. I don't know if I'd be willing to go out with the girl but I just 'love' her, I guess. I just don't know what to do.
  2. It's simple man, just go to her and express your feelings.
    You could do that while talking and with body language.

    If she rejects you it's ok, everyone has been/will be through that.
  3. I can't seem to go to her and it's been atleast 2 months since I've spoken to her properly. I don't want to get rejected, that's destroy my reputation. I'm not just saying this, but I'm like the most liked/loved in my whole 6form and many school girls like/love me, aswell. Obviously word would spread that I've been rejected.
  4. You're in college, who gives a shit? If you get rejected move on and approach more girls. Shit happens it's best just to roll with it.
  5. If you're the most liked/loved then no one is going to stop because of a rejection. Plus, she wouldn't spread it around anyway. If she is the type of girl to do that, why in gods name do you like her?

    Listen to seabs, be a man, you won't regret it trust me. "What if she rejects me?" Well what if she doesn't?
  6. I personally would 't handle rejection.

    She would tell her mates I'm guessing so shit would go around. If she doesn't then I'd be happy, but I'm just in fear of rejection.
  7. I used to be like that but I talked to alot of girls and they rarely flat out reject you. They do it very gently if at all. Just don't be over poweringly nice or a twat and you should get on great.
  8. Rejection only matters if you haven't got mates. You said you're basically the most popular in college, so no biggie surely? What if you don't approach her, she gets a new bf, you speak in a years time and she said she did like you but was scared to talk to you?

    Has happened to me before. If you're too scared face to face, text her or something.
  9. I didn't read that you havent spoke to her for 2 months.
    Just become friendly with her and do what I said above when you feel comfortable.

    You won't lose something and confidence at most times is good.
  10. Yeah I am but the guys in my college are dicks, they'd take the piss. Also, someone told me she likes someone outside of college. :/
  11. If you're scared try some basic NLP to build up your confidence. I learnt the basics in psychology it's a great way to psyche yourself up.
  12. I am confident. I'm one of the most confident in my classes.
  13. Well why aren't you talking to her then?
  14. No method of talking to her. She's with her mates, I'm with mine.
  15. So you can't go up and just say hi? Approaching in a group is the best way to build a relationship as people are more relaxed. Win her friends over so they don't shoot you down then talk to her. You must have some breaks where you see here.
  16. I try to talk as much as possible to her when I get the chance. I'm the only guy out of the group that'd actually hold a proper convo with them. I've talked to them on my one, but I just can't properly talk to her when they're around if you get where I'm coming from.
  17. Ask to walk with her to class? Or ask her to help you study for an exam in the library. If you've built up comfort getting one and one time shouldn't be that difficult. It will help the conversation be more personal.
  18. Get her number and text. That's the best way to open a communicational relationship if you're scared to approach her with friends around. I can admit it's more daunting if her mates are there than it is if she was alone for example, texting is just the kids way of doing it these days. It's how I survived talking to girls.
  19. She's in all of my classes apart from one. I like the idea of studying with her, however she has free lessons when I do - my mates run up my ass and that's when she's with her mates.

    I've BBM'd her ages ago and we used to talk. I don't have BBM anymore because I dislike it, which is the same as texting. I just don't like having a phone, the only way I'd use it is if she personally told me to get back on BBM, otherwise I wouldn't.
  20. Something doesn't add up. Doesn't use social-network websites, doesn't have a phone, but is the most popular person in college and most confident - but can't speak to a girl. Spill the beans dude!
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