Your Ideal Champions?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. In your opinion, who do you think should hold/have the current championship belts?

    WWE Champion - The Miz (He had great promos when he had the title. All his segments were fun to watch.)
    World Heavyweight Champion - Daniel Bryan
    Intercontinental Champion - Cody Rhodes
    United States Champion - David Otunga (He went to Harvard. nuff said.)
    Divas Champion - Eve (Would be better than Beth)
    Tag Team Champion - Ziggler & Swagger. (They'd make a great team and Vickie would be manage them both.)
  2. WWE Champ: Ziggler
    WHC: Kane
    Intercontinental: Hunico
    US Champ: Barret
    Divas: Kharma, Beth, or Natalia
    Tag Team: Epico and Primo
  3. WWE Champ: Punk. He needs to be elevated up to Cena level. I'd revert his character to his summer character and keep him in the main event with massive story-lines.
    WHC: Wade Barrett.
    Intercontinental: Cody Rhodes. Guys like Bryan, ADR, McIntyre, Riley and Kingston would all be feuding for it.
    US Champ: Scrapped
    Divas: Kharma
    Tag Team: ADR and Rey Mysterio
  4. WWE Champ: Ziggler
    WHC: Rhodes
    Intercontinental: Brodus Clay
    US Champ: Swagger
    Divas: Kharma
    Tag Team: ADR & Ricardo
  5. WWE Champion - Dolph Ziggler
    World Heavyweight Champion - Sheamus
    Intercontinental Champion - Justin Gabriel or Wade Barrett
    United States Champion - David Otunga or Zack Ryder
    Divas Champion - Eve
    Tag Team Champions - The Uso's
  6. wwe: champion Chris Jericho

    Whc: sheamus

    intercontinental champion big show

    united states champion mason Ryan

    divas champion kharma

    tag team champs Cody Rhodes and Dolph ziggler
  7. It's not only me that is absolutely dreading the Sheamus reign is it?
  8. WWE Champion - The Miz
    World Heavyweight Champion - Kane
    Intercontinental Champion - William Regal / Dolph Ziggler
    United States Champion - Zach Ryder / Alex Riley
    Divas Champion - ??? no idea...
    Tag Team Champion - R-truth & Kofi kingston
  9. WWE: Daniel Bryan
    WHC: Ziggler
    US: Riley
    IC: Kidd
    Divas: AJ
    Tag Team: Prime Time Playas
  10. WWE: DB
    WHC: DZ
    IC: Kidd
    US: Riley
    Tag: Prime Time Players
    Divas: Beth or Natalya


    We think alike, don't we? :dawg:
  11. We do :yay: BRO FIST
  12. WWE Champion - Daniel Bryan
    World Heavyweight Champion - Dolph Ziggler / Cody Rhodes / Wade Barrett / Christian
    Intercontinental Champion - Tyson Kidd.
    United States Champion - Alex Riley
    Divas Champion - Natalya
    Tag Team Champion - Awesome Truth (If formed again.)
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  14. WWE Champion - Daniel Bryan
    World Heavyweight Champion - Wade Barrett
    Intercontinental Champion - Damien Sandow
    United States Champion - Evan Bourne
    Divas Champion - Kaitlyn
    Tag Team Champion - The Miz and Dolph Ziggler
  15. Just saved me the time of having to post one.
  16. WWE: Daniel Byran
    WHC: Dolph Ziggler
    IC: Cody Rhodes
    US: David Otunga
    Diva: Natalya
    Tag Team: Prime Time Players(yes I know it's early, but I still enjoy watching them)
  17. WWE: Dolph Ziggler. Best talents deserve the top title.
    WHC: Cody Rhodes.
    Tag: The Uso's. One common theme with them is that they actually know how to work like a tag team and not just have a "WWE Tag Match".
    Divas: Natalya.
  18. WWE Champ: HEEL Punk/DBry
    World Heavyweight Champ: Dolph Ziggler
    Intercontinental Champ: Cody Rhodes
    US Champ: Tyson Kidd
    Divas Champ: Layla
    Tag Team Champs: The Usos
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