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  1. Okay so I was looking over the roster and was trying to figure out who the current "solidified" tag teams on the roster are..
    1) Usos
    2) Harper/Rowan
    3) Stardust/Goldust

    Fernando and Diego are somewhere off in lala land for tag teams due to the injury to Fernando.. technically I guess Diego and Torito could team but they dont and Hornswoggle has been kept off TV recently so him and Slater have only been doing some house shows.. so I don't really count them.

    I'm wondering what ideas you (the community) have at the moment in order to bolster the depth a little bit, whether it be promoting some teams from NXT (although then the NXT depth will be VERY weak) or form something out of some underutilized superstars on the main roster.

    Two I thought of as I was writing this was combining Big E & Kofi Kingston.. and also promoting Kalisto and teaming him with Hunicara..

    I'd say with Los Matadores still technically a team and part of the division (just temporarily out of work) they really only need to add one and maybe a temporary second new team for basically 1-2 PPV appearances.
  2. First off, the bloody Ascension needs to be called up on the main roster! WTF is taking WWE so long?!

    Apart from those 4 Mr. Sharpy Sandow listed, there's a possibility of joining Big E and Kofi, Miz and Ziggler (somewhere down the road)... Also, Sandow with Vaudevillains would be hilarious as much as Breeze/Fandango.
  3. Kofi and R-Truth seem like potentially entertaining tag team. I could see WWE utilizing them for both awkward and comedic skits.
    The Miz and Damien Sandow. Miz teaching Damien to act and properly convey characters.
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  4. Breeze is going to own Fandango!! I'm a huge Breeze mark :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    Idk if Miz & Ziggler is actually going to happen, it's seeming less likely as time draws closer to the end of Ziggler's current deal.

    Big E & Kofi along with the Ascension is who I see adding to the depth more than likely and personally that'd be great for the division IMO.

    As for Los Matadores, I believe when Fernando comes back they should put them in a 3-4 month NXT stint. That way they can replace the Ascension with a little bit of depth and having some main roster exposure already can only help them become NXT favorites. Vaudevillains should stay in the NXT for now, Damien is so much stronger as a character and in ring work IMO then both Simon and Aiden, don't think that I'm discrediting them though, they have been working well together and their in-ring skills have gotten a lot better.. with Ascension gone, them and Kalisto and El Locale are prlly the only legitimate teams standing without Ascensions presences, although there's no hurt in letting Ascension get Main Roster exposure while still participating in NXT from time to time at least until they find another solid tag team to replace them fully.
  5. I think R-Truth is about to be cut to be honest, he does still get somewhat of a draw but for what his salary is at the moment he is VERY underutilized. If he accepts a paycut of about $150k then I could potentially see it.. I like Xavier Woods to be honest but I think R-Truth as a partner for him was a mistake.

    Miz teaching Damien to be a better "actor" when it comes to his weekly gimmicks can only get by for so far.. Personally as a true Sandow nut I wouldn't want to see those two tag.
  6. Ziggler and Ryder. Call them Nothing to lose, or everything to prove.
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  7. - Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston. They're talented guys and deserve to be showcased some more.
    - Dolph Ziggler & The Miz. Call them bathroom break.
  8. I'm going to post it.
    Ziggler and Jericho. It's a bad idea from a mark's view and neither man needs it.
    I believe both men would enjoy the experience, but it wouldn't necessarily result in a push for Dolph 'cause of politics
    I've always said Jericho was in a semi-similar spot years ago. He was the best performer but he didn't carry himself like an alpha
    Jericho has a lot of wisdom dealing with HHH personally and professionally and could help Dolph in that regard

    If nothing else, Y2J could open doors outside WWE for Ziggs to pursue
  9. I'd be interested in Woods & Kingston.. Definitely a better pairing than R-Truth and Woods or Big E and Kofi (should that be an upcoming team).

    I was a fan of Woods when he was Consequences Creed.. I know Truth and Woods have chemistry together from their TNA days as team "Truth and Consequences" but if you're not going to utilize it then disband it.
  10. They were tag champs for a few months a few years back. I think it'd be safe to say they cut 0 promos during their reign and had no backstage skits too, not sure they'd run with it this time.
    Also, weren't Truth and Woods supposed to be a team? What happened there?
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  11. I stand corrected
  12. Maybe Christian & Chris Jericho? Weren't they a team back in the day?
  13. That would make me droll. But the team would probably break up quite quickly with either christian getting injured or Jericho going back on another tour.
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  14. This.
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  15. Any team with heel R-Truth would be golden again. A Miz tag team maybe.
  16. Mark Henry and Sid Justice. Book it.
    If not that, Mark Henry and a plate of chicken.
    Can you comprehend just how angry would get if someone f***ed with his plate of rotisserie gold?
  17. Sadly true. Why the fuck is Christian always getting injured? Otherwise I'd say this would be an awesome tag team.
  18. Titus and Darren Young

    call em the prime time players
  19. Orton and Big E: Boring and Boringer
  20. Breeze and Miz - The team whose face you shall not touch
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