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  1. Anyone around here have any nicknames (well, those of us with friends) irl? Share them, share the stories, hope we can get some silly discussion around here until it goes off topic within 5 posts... ahh, things how they normally are... I digress. :tough:

    Anyway, mine are Skylar, Rainman, The Aftermath, The Mailman, and Liability Claim. Most of which I have no idea why.

    What are yours? :ksi:
  2. Guys seem to think they're the most hilarious shit ever when they call me Jennytals. They think they're so original when I've heard that nickname since I was 13.
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  3. DooDoo because it sounds like Drew.
  4. Mayoman, and Mayo. Since my name is Mayode in real life.
  5. I was sitting in school and all of a sudden a lad finds a note under my desk, it happened to be a love note to a dude named Dustin and it was very well written and dramatic. Everyone gathered together and read it and they declared it was me (even though my name is Austin) So now that class refers to me as Dustin. Yes, the people at my school are fucking lame :sad1:
  6. That's a fucking GOAT name. I'm falling in love with you more and more each day.
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  7. Panda Boy.........don't ask.

    Also, I've earned the nicknames BigHead (Self Explanitory), The Micro Machine (No Clue), Spike (I used to have my hair spiked up all the time) and Smurphy (Rhymes with my surname, Murphy)

  8. 'sup :ksi:
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  9. Garfio (Means hook, From Garcia, Garfia, Garfio)
    Burgales(Where I come from, it's like sayin from Burgos)
    The Spaniard
    The Kid
  10. Doo doo?
  11. People call me J-Brizzle fo shizzle
  12. The only nickname I've had in recent memory has been Jenny Bean.
  13. P33N*
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  14. Nope that's just on the interwebs thanks to you :harvey:
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  15. The aftermath? Thats even better than Frank the Jock.

    I get called mostly by my last name, and my friend (eccentric guy) calls me glargon, all it really is is a fucked up version of my name. I'll stick to Larson (last name) and Champ (a joke that caught on)
  16. Mine was Nano because when I was smaller I was a really small guy, my mother is Spanish so they considered me Spanish too. Enano is something like dwarf. Now I'm a 6ft 1in man and calling me dwarf is strange so my friends decided to call me Nano so it doesn't mean anything.

    Actually 1 nano= 1/1000000000
  17. My nickname is Warrior. My gamertag was woodwarrior11 in h.s. and I changed it to woodwarrior419. All my friends call me warrior cuz of it.
  18. warrrrrriorrrrrr

    come out to play e ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  19. my username on WWEForums is actually a result of being nicknamed 'Ovalhead' in real life
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