Your last insane mark out moment?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 11, 2013.

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  1. With TNA, some users (including myself) complain that while TNA can be consistently entertaining to watch, it never really has any huge mark out moments that keep you talking for weeks. I personally think it's the opposite with WWE. I'm interested in what your last REAL mark out moment was? Not just a segment where you were pumped, or marked a little, but I am talking about a holy shit moment that left you forced to change your underwear.

  2. Chavo regaining the tag team titles. :win:
  3. A Double winning the belt at Destination X
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  4. What D'Z said. Also marked hard when Team Wet Dream won the titles .
  5. January 4th, 2010.
    You said insane. A Double wasn't insane personally for me. I marked a lot though.
  6. Not sure I've had one. Aries winning the belt was good but I didn't go insane over it.
  7. Really, really insane?

    I gotta say James Storm winning the title from Kurt Angle on Impact after BFG 2011. I went batshit crazy and happy about 2 weeks after it.

    Before that, Bobby Roode dropping the bomb on Hulk Hogan (best Roode promo ever, May 2011) and Fortune revealing themselves as They 2.0 in on February 3rd 2011.
  8. Vote #3 for A-Double winning the belt. Before that it was Roode's promo on Jarrett during Fourtune's babyface turn, shame that nothing came of that.

    Tempted to say when Storm defeated Roode at BFG, but that was more of an "iconic" moment than a real "change-your-underwear" moment.
  9. Can't really give you one besides Aries winning the World championship :sad:
  10. Tie between Aries' win and Roode's win
  11. When Roode and Aries got the tag team titles. Before that, return of Christian Cage at Slammiversary.
  12. First time I watched TNA.
  13. The first time i saw Dutt do the moonsault stomp was my first huge TNA mark moment.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Daniels and Kazarian coming out in kilts :win:
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  16. Normally I'd be like "That was your insane mark out moment?", but I completely believe it with you. Scottish mark.
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  17. This, and numerous times throughout Roode and Storm's street fight.
    Hardy quite a few times as well, Swantons from high up and so on.
  18. Roode and Aries winning the tag belts is the closest one. Didn't watch Aries' win.
  19. Roode and Aries teeming up, that is mark out for me
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  20. Roode and Aries winning the tag titles, I marked so hard, especially because of the combination they used to win it.
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