WrestleMania Your Mania Plans?

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  1. Now this mania ain't that special, but if we all got that friend who never used the free month on the network we can all have a great time watching a crowd possibly boo Reigns like nuts and WWE fail at what was supposed to be their rumored super card.

    So what are the plans?

    I have intentions here at college to talk to some of my track teammates to watch, I already used up my free month but I just wanna get them to watch for some drinking games (ones that Adam Blampied will make, and on a Sunday night too lol, class will suck). With Spring Season approaching we all gotta initiate dry season soon so one last moment to party before we get serious with runnin, and I don't like to drink much but I at least want some good moments to remember. "Like the time Reigns was booed so badly when he won the belt and I downed 10 fucking Coors" XD
  2. I will be in the live discussion thread complaining.
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  3. I'll be at the annual Mania viewing party at my friends place.
  4. I have 0 friends who still get down with wrestling so I will be sitting alone in my room and also in the live discussion
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  5. We can complain together. #CancelWWENetwork
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  6. Probably get high.
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  7. I'll definitely be watching the pre-show (so I could laugh at the Battle Royal) and may stay up for the first 2 or 3 matches on the main card, and then I'm out.
  8. Lol one of my friends liked the idea I had, looks like Wresltemania will be drunk o mania
  9. I'll be watching. No matter how lackluster the build or matches are. Mania always has that big event atmosphere that's too good to miss, imo.
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  10. My sister and I will be watching it with the cats and chatting in here. We'll order a couple pizzas, get chips and Crunch n Munch and either one of two things will happen: we'll complain or be pleasantly surprised like last year.

    Wrestlemania is just that big event I don't miss ever, even when WWE isn't my favorite promotion.
  11. @Jacob Fox must be very unsatisfied with you always finishing early.
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  12. It's because I'm still young. :smirk2:
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I'm training him.
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  15. I would offer to train but my bum is still recuperating from what I like to call "Bloody Sunday".
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  16. :damn:
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  17. Probably similar to Hell in a Cell 2013, spending half the show trying to figure out how to open this godforsaken container of crab dip and fighting and pulling on the bottom and yanking at the sides and trying this weird push-pull thing and then eventually realizing there's an easy open tab in the corner that just pulls apart. got it open just in time for a Ryback match
  18. I'll be in the discussion for matches that are interesting.
  19. IDK yet.
    This has been the first Mania I've been not looking forward to
  20. Going to a bar to get hammered and skipping WrestleMania.. I'll read the results the following day.

    There's not 1 match i'm interested in seeing, so why waste my time.
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