Your new divas champion Nikki Bella everyone

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Your new divas champion Nikki Bella everyone just by how she beat AJ then walked over her and held the divas title just shows she getting the title off AJ at Wrestlemania 30. Total divas will be on screen then and the total divas members will be hyped up and NIkki will get the title. Also AJ getting jobbed out like that on Raw is management punishing her since her bf CM Punk walked out and didnt return at Chicago so shes feeling the wrath of management now. Its about damn time that slut AJ's reign is ending she is overrated and should never of been longest reign champion. I will be glad when she is no longer screen with the title and someone else has it who is more deserving
  2. lol you are so funny.... that was meant as a joke, right?
  3. AJ is being punished?


    Our future in the women's divsion is over, BLFFL we have to do something!
  4. Not sure what your problem is with AJ, she's been a great superstar for WWE, she has more in-ring talent than most divas on the main shows, her storylines brought in girls to WWE as fans, she deserved a long title reign, because she is the top WWE Diva, no girl really holds a candle to her
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  5. Never thought I would say this but the Bellas are no longer total dog poo in ring looks like all the "wrestling" with Cena and Bryan has paid off a little.
  6. Your threads are amazing.
  7. AJ doesnt have in ring talent. The talent she has it backstage sucking off Vince but now her bf CM Punk has gone and done a runner AJ isnt in Vince's good books so her ass has got buried and now she will lose the title at Wrestlemania 30 to Nikki Bella
  8. Still not sure you know what all these words mean.......

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  9. You must be getting the wrong stream for RAW if your saying she has no in-ring talent, must be watching something else.....but what?
  10. Just waiting for that Future Endeavored subtitle under your name.
  11. Wha...?
  12. Consider this your welcome to WWEF. This is BLFFL, pretty much the village idiot of this place. Don't pay her mind, she's stupid and rarely ever replies to anyone.
  13. Under BLFFL's name
  14. I guess I am a rare gem with getting a reply then
  15. She's an AJ hater, simple as that.
  16. Teehee, plenty have people have taunted the champs with their own belt in a non-championship bout.. does not mean it is going to be the "new" champion at the next title defense against that person lolol
  17. ohhh girl..... lol Well Nikki imo has surpassed bri in ring skill wie but i still feel natayla deserves another run
  18. Hasn't AJ already went over both of the Bella twins in the past? I'd be disappointed to see such a long reign ended by someone that AJ has already defeated (that sort of thing always bugs me.) I don't want to see Tamina win the championship either, but that's what I've been calling will happen for awhile, especially given that Tamina's father Jimmy Snuka has history at Wrestlemania... being part of the original main event (in the corner of Hogan and Mr. T) as well as being the first ever victim of Undertaker. That would make Tamina winning the Diva's Championship at WMXXX have some historical significance, which is the kind of thing they're really going for this year.
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  19. I'd like to see Paige put her NXT diva long reign up against AJ's. Just like "who is the better champion" type deal, not actually for the straps because you can't bring NXT title to WWE. Unless, paige were to win it wouldn't work.
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