Your New Nickname

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Simply choose the word from each list.
    Then share your new nickname!

    Color Shirt You Are Wearing
    black: Captain
    white: The
    red: Sargent
    orange: Master
    green: General
    yellow: Papa
    blue: Mr.
    pink: Mrs.
    purple: Doctor
    grey: Little
    brown: Big
    (No Shirt): Creepy

    Birthday Month
    January: Brave
    February: Pancake
    March: Pants
    April: Apple
    May: Hippie
    June: Puppy
    July: Champ
    August: Pretty
    September: Cape
    October: Surfer
    November: Pickle
    December: Bottle

    First Letter Of Last Name
    A: Prancer
    B: Popper
    C: Skipper
    D: Eater
    E: Person
    F: Driver
    G: Flexer
    H: Lover
    I: Hater
    J: Black
    K: Cold
    L: Dangler
    M: Smoker
    N: Troll
    O: Hillbilly
    P: Flamer
    Q: Rocks
    R: Jumper
    S: Rain
    T: Monkey
    U: Crapper
    V: Farmer
    W: Misplacer
    X: Hero
    Y: Frankincense
    Z: Zebra

    Mine is : Captain Pancake Popper :dawg:
  2. Captain Surfer Lover :win:
  3. Mr Pancake Dangler
  4. Little Pancake Prancer.

  5. Captain Hippie Troll :boss1:
  6. General Hippie @[Rain]
  7. Captain Surfer Black :dafuq:
  8. Captain puppy misplacer. :dafuq:
  9. Captain Surfer Black Alien :obama:
  10. Lotta black shirts I see :obama:
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