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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Marshall, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Do you have any nicknames?? If so share them here.

    The names I get are Marsh, Marshy, Marsh Potato, Bigfoot & Lerch
  2. *Insert various nicknames based on the name Patrick here*
  3. Mine are
    ChristianStoner Muuuftah
    #MoodyRants CiV
  4. My nickname is... Jobber :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Scotty 2 hotty as my name is Scot.
  6. Real life: Garfio(Means hook), Burgos,Burgales,El niño,Kid and Spaniard or The spanish guy.

    Here:Rod,Spaniard and various nazi stuff people call me cause they are too busy to right my entire name
  7. Real Life: Jenny Bean and J-fer
    Here: Carmen
  8. Most people call me by my last name, but i have a few random ones from friends that caught on. Co-workers mostly call me champ, honestly only girls ive slept with call me by my first name.
  9. Jenny Bean? I don't get it
  10. Well you know...instead of jelly bean it's Jenny bean since Jenny is short for Jennifer.
  11. Oh, derp, I get it now
  12. :lol1: Okay I'm glad
  13. Besides hoho as a true nickname given to me in 8th grade, my Mom and Dad loved to call me Disco Inferno when I was just a baby, as they took a picture of me in a gray suit and red tie, with a huge bawd head lol.I think I sue Disco Inferno from WCW, he stole my gimmick.
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  14. Penfold (from Danger Mouse), Harry Potter, Titch, Buzz, AJ and Grandad.
  15. Why grandad? :lol1:
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    I tried to coin myself "R Double" (my initials) after Aries re-debuted in TNA summer before last, but it didn't really go over
  17. Cause since my mate got a promotion and transferred to a new store at work a few months back I'm the oldest male in my workplace so all the young lads started calling me Grandad lmao.
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  18. Someone once dubbed me the match shocker
    then there is FSHD and FIRE
  19. Is your name Randy Rhodes? :yay:
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  20. Not quite.
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