Summerslam Your OMG Momment For Summerslam

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  1. What moment during the ppv made you go "omg" or to some other extent be in shock?
  2. Bryan beating Cena clean. Easily.
  3. When he won I was screaming yes so much my throat hurts now. I was so happy! Also during the Brock vs Punk match I was like... WHOA!
  4. nothing shocked you? Or made you think "this is great!" ???
  5. Nah..I was being a d***, that's all
  6. uhhhh... :hmm::why::annoyed::tough:
  7. TNA chant during RVD match.
  8. HHH turning heel. I've been so desperate for them to pull the trigger on that for years, and the execution was just perfect. Bryan beating Cena clean was awesome but tbh we pretty much knew that was coming, whereas the ending with Trips genuinely stunned me.
  9. It has to be Orton or all of the cool ass spots during Punk/Brock, just great.
  10. Triple H's heel turn. They telegraphed the hell out of Orton cashing in, and then the screwy finish (that didn't happen :yay:), but kept them both so separate that you wouldn't consider it... even in between the matches I said out loud "No. No way Orton can just cash in and win clean... hey, why is Triple H still out there? He isn't the special ref for this too, isn't he?" Not once did I stick the two together.

    Honorable mention to Punk picking up Lesnar for the GTS. Surprised me, and then made me mark like a schoolgirl when he hit it... and then Heyman had to be a dick. Lol.
  11. HHH turning heel was a big OMG Moment and If it wasn't for Haymen Brock would of tapped
  12. Loved the triple H heel turn.. I just kept saying 'what' out loud over and over again.. Great twist and should start a great storyline

    The best match was definitately the cm punk match him and lesnar left it all out there
  13. HHH pedigree for sure!
  14. Daniel Bryan beating Cena clean was shocking, followed by Triple H's heel turn, I mean after that big celebration I thought the night was over, then Orton came out and I was like "he's just going out to remind him? WTF?" then came the pedigree I was like "FUCKIN WHAT??!?? HHH and ORTON TOGETHER?!" This storyline just got taken to the next level, people were questioning Orton winning the briefcase but now since we know who he's in an alliance with this is gonna be some wicked shit.
  15. Ped-i-gree! Ped-i-gree! Ped-i-gree! Ped-i-gree!
    Bryan beating Cena clean was more of a wtf moment.
  16. Heel turn at the end, but.....just glad it's not Bryan... but Orton heel turn was greatness!
  17. Ryback going over another member of catering, CLEAN!!! :happy:
  18. DB beating Cena clean. HHH's turn was telegraphed.
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