Your opinion of Christmas?

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  1. It's an incredibly weird thread to make at the end of July, but I've been asked by family to go with them to New Zealand for Christmas. Normally we stay home and do the typical Christmas stuff (presents, chill out, family gatherings and such), but my Mum's new boyfriend wants to take us to New Zealand.

    Are you the sentimental (not sure if right word) type to rather stay home and do the traditional Christmas thing? Or is your care cup empty regarding Christmas, and would you take the offer to go abroad?

    I'm torn on what to do tbh. The fact that it's 18 days and a 5 star hotel on the beach really makes me want to go there, but due to recent family shit, I think I'd miss meeting up with family I haven't seen in months.
  2. I like to either chill at home or just go to the movies with friends. I like to be relaxed on Christmas, since it's my only time for sure off of work, I wouldn't really want to travel and make a hassle of everything just to spend the couple of days I have off working my ass off to get to one place. I'll do it for New Years, but Christmas is more chill to me and I rather spend it at home.
  3. I'm all sentimental, however some opportunities are to good to pass up and this would be one of them imo. You can skype or similar with ur family at x-mass and it comes round every year but how often can you go to New Zealand?
  4. You should stay at home and play Fifa with us bby xx

    But seriously, long holidays abroad are about the only thing that irritate me more than Christmas, so I'd just stay at home.
  5. You could say I am a bit of both I guess. I go up to Buffalo every year to spend time with extended family,but, I generally have a traditional Christmas up there. It's just a nice family gathering with food,presents,and,religious bullshit. I can't remember the last time I stayed home for Christmas.
  6. For me Christmas is an excuse to eat,sleep and drink like a pig.
  8. Christmas for me is relaxing time, so I usually go mad when my mom drags us out of the house.
  9. If I were in your position (single, with no kids) I would go without giving it a second thought. With kids though, you have to stick with family especially the grandparents.
  10. I prefer to stay at home. I love Christmas to be quite honest. Its 2 weeks off school, A huge dinner which is always great, New stuff etc.
  11. I stay inside all Christmas day, and then do the same the exact same until College is back, or Uni now I guess, please tell me Uni's get long Christmas breaks or I'm gonna flip.

    But yeah, nothing can pull me outside on Christmas, one year one of my mates came round on Christmas day and asked to come in, we were just about to have dinner and then just chill with all the family, I told him to fuck off and closed the door, Christmas spirit.
  12. I stay inside all through out the Christmas holidays and count my presents. I might sound like a bad person but I don't celebrate it religiously, only because you get presents, a nice holiday off from school and to chill out. Oh, and Doctor Who christmas specials. I don't go on actual holidays at that time, but I go on holidays in the October school half-term weeks, y'know.
  13. I prefer to spend Christmas with my family, but it isn't something I'd kill to have it if I'm honest.
  14. If it wasn't for my mom & dad and my husband's mom, my husband and I would likely not celebrate it.
    BUT I do enjoy being around my family, going to my moms Christmas Eve, then spending Christmas day at my husband's mom's.
    For me its not a "holiday" or "holy day" because its origins have very little to do with the Holy Bible... Its more of just a day, well two days, where I spend with my family, just enjoying each others company & expressing our thankfulness for each other with presents, food, ect. I personally don't like going else where. An 18 day VK to a beach would probably be fun and nice but if you are close to your family, just stay home. You will regret it more if you went and missed your family than if you stayed home and blew off a vacation. You sound like your heart is dead set on staying home, so listen to your heart. Your family will love you for it and appreciate it.
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