Your opinion on 2012 ''The End Of The World''

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. I'd really like to see your opinions about this subject.

    For a time, I was believing it, not quite sure right now.
    Call me stupid for it, but yeah.. I'm really confused.

    Need people to clear it up, because it's kinda blurry for me.
  2. I never believed it.
  3. Nothing's happening.
  4. Please explain :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Not really sure why people say the world's ending, and based on recent "end of world" theories that turned out to be nothing, I'm not worried.
  6. Hmm okay..

    Is the report on the web?
  7. Sounds very unlikely now.
  8. I'm not going into it all, but based on my beliefs, no one other than God knows when the world will come to an end.
  9. Its based on the Mayan calender system. Just because their calender stopped people have their panties in a bunch.
  10. Its just a calender ending. No worries :otunga:
  11. Yeah okay, but how about the Earth, sun and the Milky Way standing in one line?
  12. The age of Pisces and/or Jesus Christ. Its based on how people use to use the stars as clock so to speak and a map. We are in the age of Aquarius right now.
  13. I'm foreign, excuse me. But is the answer in there?

    Confused.. :sad:
  14. The stuff lining up is the age of Pisces. Its like, I guess you can say, the beginning of the end. People misinterpret it. After this year, start in 2013, shits suposta hit the fan. Still have awhile to go though. Look into Nostradamus. He had visions. I believe his last one was about the end of times, the world being destroyed by flames in 2026. I could be wrong though. You have to search within your own being/spirit (non-physical) when reading and learning this stuff. Its complex but once you understand there are two life forces (the physical and the spiritual) things are easier to understand.
  15. Never believed it, never will, all a hoax.
  16. Totally agree with you.


    Yes. Only God knows for sure.
  17. The end of the world has been predicted thousands of times and it's never happened, don't see what makes this any different.
  18. I don't think the world itself will every completely end, but as for everything living on it...
    Thats a whole notha storay :obama:
  19. Thank for the full explanation.

    But why not? Explain..

    Because there is so much written about it, movies, etc..
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