Your opinion on Jack Swagger?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Urn Anderson, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I think he's quite good, Great techinician, but i think they copied the whole, 'American techincian with an Ankle lock and singlet' Kurt Angle gimmick, thoughts?
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  2. needs to take time off and repackage hes a joke right now
  3. I think he's a good wrestler, I really liked him a few years ago, if used right could be a good high upper card talent. But we all know WWE doesn't utilize it's talent right.
  4. This.

    Great wrestler, accidentally a heat magnet because of how bad he is on the mic, good look.
  5. Jack has charisma, but it all fades when he speaks. He's good at the ring IMO
  6. He's a very good wrestler, he's just been buried so fucking much lately. Hope he doesnt get pissed off and leave
  7. Jack Swagger obviously is a jobber and will never get to the top. His reign as WHC failed. I think he will be released when WWE do their next cleaning out
  8. He's a very good wrestler, think they just took the fact that he's an All American wrestler to use the Kurt like gimmick for him. Aside from that he's very good in ring, can be serious, can gain heat, the only thing he needs to work on is his mic skills. He may have a sort of speech disorder that makes him talk different, but with the right words he can be great on the mic.
  9. Know i see why you like Kelly Kelly.
  10. Failed? He had amazing levels of heat as a heel champion on SmackDown.
  11. Jack is a extremely talented in ring technician and one of the best athletic big guys WWE has. People are over exaggerating his speech impediment as halting his mic work. The dude has shown some great charisma when allowed (I'd like to point towards his youtube channel and ECW run.)

    What he needs right now is a face turn and to be built back up again slowly. He would serve very well as a top mid card face.
  12. I lost all respect for him because he was a jerk to Kermit the Frog AND Miss Piggy.
  13. Oh come on kid. They are fictional characters. Being a jerk to a puppet is not a bad thing. They aren't alive anyways. Just like Swagger isn't really a bad guy just playing one.
  14. I know, but I loved Kermit. However, you do have a point. I shouldn't be so mad.

    Do YOU like him?
  15. I am a major Jack Swagger fan. He is one of the better guys in the ring as I have already explained. A two time all American in amateur wrestling and could be a top mid card guy if booked correctly. I miss his soaring eagle though.

    When he debuted he used to come out with a dude dressed in a eagle costume playing his pet bald eagle. Which he headbutted into submission and drank beer with. I miss that bird.
  16. He dressed as his pet bald eagle? That's the coolest thing in wrestling history. Wait, does he have an exotic animal license to own a bald eagle?
  17. There was another guy in the eagle suit of course. And since WWE is scripted (as in it's a TV show) and it not being a real eagle he didn't need a license. It was mostly there for him to boss around and get beat up by people wanting to fight Jack. Occasionally fighting with Hornswoggle.
  18. FWIW, the guy in the eagle suit (at least for a while, I don't know if it was always) was Chavo Guerrero.

  19. Seriously? :dawg:
  20. He could be brilliant if he gets pushed like he was before from what I saw of him on Youtube. They have made him out like a 12 year old could easily beat him up. Only WWE to blame for him looking quite weak in this last match.
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