Your opinion on John Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. So.. Lots of WWE fans consider Cena the ''best''.
    And I have to say, the dude does it all. He loves the business, the fans, etc..

    But we've had some news from former or current WWE superstars who have had heat with Cena. Riley and Reks.

    So could people consider Cena fake? Is he wearing a mask?

    I know my mind changed about him after those reports..

    How about you?

    Some highlights:

    Here are some of Reks' tweets, brother.


    And on Riley

  2. ......................... He sucks
  3. He's the man.
  4. I mean , the last time he was pinned cleanly was against the rock , why? Cuz rock vs cena II is gonna be better and cena will get the win , therefore he will look stronger , it seems like if he's an awesome guy but I've read that he is quite "jealous" or afraid of the new talents cuz he knows that in a few year this guys are gonna be the face of the wwe ( about 5 years ) and I do respect cena , I just hate the idea that his gimmick is better than anyone's else , I mean supercena.... Btw I turn off the laptop when I saw cena shouting ,for Santa! I will do this for Santa! It was just stupid an childish even if this is the pg era
  5. I've never been a big fan, especially back in 2005 when he first made it to the top. But objectively, he's earned his spot, he's great on the mic (when he's allowed to be, he can come up with some pretty brutal insults) and I think somewhat underrated in the ring. At the very worst, he's not any worse than Hogan and Austin were in their prime (Austin became all punch and kick when he had the neck injury and ascended into the main event.) He's had a string of good/great matches. He also had a strong work ethic and love for the business, which has to be admired at the very least.

    Unfortunately, he's extremely corny in the PG era that exists today. The way he yelled Santa's name into the mic on Raw was extremely cringe worthy.
  6. Respect what he did for the business, but don't like him at all.

    Stale and boring character that won't change anytime soon.
  7. Always found him annoying and lame.

    Don't care about backstage stuff tbh.
  8. I suppose the thread is about him backstage. I can't say, I don't know him.
  9. What Leo said, indeed......
  10. :yes:
  11. He's very likely an egotistical prick but so what? HBK was but I still adored him.
  12. Don't know him but you can't fault everything he does for charity so seems a decent guy.

    If guys like Riley and Hawkins have had issues it to me reeks of jealousy.
  13. I liked pre PG Cena. Super Cena really grinds my gears.
  14. He was the reason Riley got de-pushed. And was shouting at Reks* for using a move.
  15. Fair enough. God knows then who knows he may be a dick but I doubt it. No one knows what goes on backstage apart from those involved.
  16. Re: RE: Your opinion on John Cena

    Where have you got this from? Ideally not wild speculation from a dirt sheet or a shoot from someone who needed juicy gossip to gain interest.
  17. I updated the OP. Interesting imo.
  18. When it comes to his in-ring work, I think John Cena is average, however with the right opponent he can be absolutely phenomenal. Of course, the right opponent is pretty much always an above average competitor, but it's never the case of Cena being carried, it's just him rising to somewhere near their level when they face. Somewhat unfortunately, these opponents are few and far between, leaving most Cena matches as simply average bouts at best. I do say "somewhat" because it makes those matches even more special.

    Mic skills-wise it totally depends on what Cena we're seeing. If it's serious Cena then I'd honestly place him as one of the best. Would he make my top five, doubtful but still, he's seriously good. If it's joker Cena, the Cena we got most of the time it seems, we are in for same crap. I'll admit that he can occasionally get a chuckle out of me, but a lot of the times it's just crap. Of course, I'm only talking about what's currently relevant. His rapping gimmick and even pre-PG to a lesser extent aren't really being taking into consideration here since they are no longer an accurate representation of Cena's mic skills.

    Finally, the backstage stuff. One, considering Reks is the main reason he's no longer employed in WWE, I highly doubt he has any reason to lie about Cena. So, I'm not doubting the validity of his stories, but I'm doubting why they should have any impact on my opinions of the guy. Firstly, it's wrestling, that's just how it goes. Unfortunate yes, but rarely anyone can be that successful without stepping on a few toes. However, there is enough evidence to counteract those negative comments directed towards Cena or better put "he does just enough/more good to balance/outweigh the bad".
  19. Stale character, 5 move set, and when he tries to do another one he botches it, like that hurricanrana on ziggler, he sucks, I hope they turn him heel, I guess I´d like him more then, just tired of goody goody supercena
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