Your opinion on Michael Cole?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. You a fan of his heel work? You despise him? Tell us here! :emoji_slight_smile:

    I personally find him incredibly funny, and a great heel, however I can see why some people absolutely hate him.
  2. He's a good heel but a bad commentator. He can't lead the announce team and be a heel you need to babyface for that imo.
  3. Well personally I think he's only leading the team because of how bad King is. No one can match Cole atm on the mic, who can counter-act his heel commentaries? King just says "Shut up Cole". King's job is to put over the faces that Cole is slating.

    But I agree, heels leading isn't gonna work.

    Edit: Glad you're on haha, didn't think you'd make it :emoji_wink:
  4. The only person I believe who could counter him would be Stanford or Regal. Why neither of them two are on TV every week baffles me.

    =L you missed me then ?
  5. Oh thank fuck you're here, I completely agree with you. Stanford + Regal are perfect. Literally flawless commentators. Yes, I did miss you!! Lmao

    Stanford + Regal + Cole for RAW.

    Stanford = Super Face. Always on Face's side.

    Regal = The Tweener, like Booker is now. Understands heel attacks making impact, supports face's aswell.

    Cole = Super Heel. Never on a face's side.
  6. My opinions on all the commentators.

    Cole = You simply cannot have your main play-by-play announcer being a heel constantly calling people boring, nerd, etc. because eventually it will rub on people and they will take the same stance. Turn cole face or get him off RAW.

    King = King's good for what he actually says, but he just doesn't work well as a colour commentator with cole.

    JR = The BEST play-by-play announcer EVER. Him doing commentary can make things SO MUCH MORE exciting and fun, I still think it should be JR+King on RAW, maybe Cole with them, and Booker+Josh+Cole on SD.

    Booker = Well, yeah. You can't understand 99% of things he says but at least he tries to put guys over.

    Josh = Actually quite a good commentator just needs to be recognised more and not have to constantly be bitching/separating the bitching between Cole/Booker, it ruins the product.

    And they ALL, bar JR because he's never there now, need to shut the fuck up about Twitter. No one gives a shit, it ruins the product when you're telling us about what's tending instead of calling the damn match like I'm paying you to do.
  7. I'm gonna offer my opinion on the commentators in general aswell :
    Cole - Quite a good heel but can't be a color imo. Needs to be a manager to help a heel get over. They were on the right track with swagger.

    King - Seems really disinterested hopefully he retires now.

    JR - Made the Miz and Truths attack at Hell In A Cell seem legit. Had moments when he seemed disinterested but when he's onit quite possibly the greatest commentator in history. ( I personally rate Heenan higher but thats just personal preference.)

    Booker - I love how he puts over the workers and his enthusiasm he makes wrestling fun again for me.

    Josh - A really talented guy especially on as the voice of reason on smackdown could be a really good play by play.

    Striker - He's a fan like the rest of us. He should be doing the Booker role on Raw imo.

    Regal - The classic heel. He can insult people without them even knowing they've been insulted. Still abit green at times as he's relatively knew to commentary I believe but really enjoyable. If they aren't going to use him in ring put him on commentary. He needs to be on TV.

    Stamford - Really talented commentator can be the neutral guy or the babyface.

    My commentary teams would be as follows.

    Color - Striker ( Heel)
    Play by Play - JR (Face)
    Neutral - Stamford ( Neither preference)

    Color - Booker T (Face)
    Play by Play - Josh (Neutral)
    Third guy - Regal ( Heel ) Have him chirp in crediting the heel actions.

    Give Cole a stable of mid-carders such as Tyson Kidd, Tyler Rexs and Drew McIntyre he can get them all heat by association at least.
  8. That's actually a good suggestion ^
  9. I like the things Cole says, but I agree with the above suggestion for the shows.
  10. I'd replace striker with Cole for RAW. It's highly rumoured that most things he says is because Vince is in his ear, since he is the main commentator. I think he's getting a bit hated because he has no competition. There's no doubt that Cole is one fantastic heel, but he needs a JR there, or a stanford to put him in line. King just can't do it.

    I'd have it as this.


    Color - Cole (Heel, needs to tone things down a bit though)
    Play by Play - JR (if not available, Stanford)
    Neutral - Regal


    Neutral - Booker T
    Play by Play - Josh
    Color - Striker (heel)