Your Opinion On Suicide?

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  1. No, I'm not committing suicide. Sorry Shadow.

    I'm just seeing what your thoughts are on people who commit them.

    Is bullying and life so bad that your only option is ending your life? I mean, some people will take other exits like drugs or alcohol to ease the pain. (Not saying that suicidal people are the only people who do drugs.)

    I just don't think they value life as much as they should. I won't lie, at a point in life, I was somewhat suicidal. But it's more of I just wasn't really sure on anything in life and I didn't really enjoy it. I would threaten my parents sometimes that I would commit suicide to see if their reaction if they cared about me. And I played a scenario in my head over and over to see how everyone in my life would react if I did pass away. Because you really don't know how much you mean to people until you're gone. And I always thought in my head, what would I get out of it if I did actually do it? Nothing.

    That's when I kinda started cherishing life to the fullest and haven't really thought about it that much. Because what some people do is they have this secret. And they don't have the strength to come forward and tell someone. And when you do tell someone, it relieves the pain because you've finally let out something that's been on your mind for so long and you can get an opinion on something. And if they don't, it shows how we're getting weaker morally and mentally. It's also a pretty selfish act, because...

    1. No one will know the reason
    2. You don't care about your friends and family
    3. You won't really gain anything

    If people actually stepped up and discussed their issues, I think there would be a massive decrease in suicide rates.
  2. I thought about suicide when I was 9. My mom told me to do the dishes and I was like NO! and I ran into the bathroom and started taking shitloads of protein pills thinking that I was gonna die.
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  3. It's the pussies way out. I have no sympathy for you if you commit suicide, it's selfish, and if you are so depressed that you think about suicide, talk to someone instead of crying about it and harming your self.
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  4. I think that if people want to do it, then they should be able to legally.
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  5. #Controversial

    I have a bit of sympathy for them. More as of the issues they were dealing with, not really them committing suicide. It's like, they're afraid to face their problems upfront. So they take the easy way out.
  6. Some people do it for other reasons. Do you know who Hunter S. Thompson is? He shot himself in the face basically because he was getting old, had broken legs, and didn't like sitting around on his ass after being such a vibrant character for his entire life. He lived a full life in his eyes, and it was time for him to go. He watched his father deteriorate while he was a child before passing, and didn't want to go out like that.
  7. To be honest, I am kinda fine with that, but young people who are getting bullied that are going around and drinking bleach and hanging them selves is stupid.
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  8. Yeah, I've thought about this a lot. I would never kill myself out of depression or anything like that, but when I get old, can't move around, and live my life. I'd rather just die then be miserable. That's why I don't hate on it that much.
  9. If I was old, crippled and wasn't enjoying life, I would ask to be put down. Not sure how though.
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  10. Can we go out like Boba Fett?
  11. Same
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  12. Never watched Star Wars in my life. Hate me.
  13. Depends on the situation I guess. Some people have shit lives and are just miserable, and if they feel like just ending it, so be it. Also, better to die by your own hands than someone else's.

    But yeah, whiny tweens who just need a hug can fuck off.
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  14. I think it's insanely selfish, but certain circumstances are obviously something i could never wrap my head around - there is a really awesome netflix doc on some older man and his wife going to Sweden? I think, and it was because his body was withering away. It's certainly not dying with dignity but i also believe people can do what they want tbh.
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  15. A part of me thinks that suicide is a product of our current society and culture. Especially in the United States, we live in an individualistic society where we're told to succeed and make something of ourselves. Especially in the growing pressures of our world today with advanced technologies and new stressors compared to our ancestors had to deal with in their day, I think some people feel very overwhelmed and don't know who they can turn to. Perhaps some people feel like they can't turn to anyone and should just suck it up and deal with their problems on their own. If there was more communication across the board I think suicide rates would go down. Even in our current society where there's several ways to communicate with each other, it's as if we're not really hearing or understanding each other much at all.
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  16. Depends on the reason really. If you're body is capable of repairing and you can talk to somebody about your problems, then there's no reason to so it. If your body is fading away and you can't walk or do stuff you could before and its getting worst, then I won't have any negative feelings against it. Personally I was suicidal for a few years because life just felt like a huge circle and nobody who I talked to wouldn't help. I ended up finding joy in playing video games and listening to music to keep myself occupied and thought what taking my life would do. Yeah it was childish, but never went back to that mindset.
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  17. I'm honestly very ignorant to this mindset and I don't really understand it much at all. Of course, I've been upset before and some things that happened in my life could arguably be shit that could make a common person depressed. Actually, I'm even hesitant to say I've been "depressed" before because I don't really understand the difference between being upset and being depressed either. The way I handle things is possibly a really, really bad way to go about, but I usually just repress shit until I forget about it.

    I've had a few suicidal people come to me before, one of them being one of my current best friends that I talk to pretty much daily. He even read me his suicide letter before. I just couldn't say anything because I didn't know what to say, but I figured he just needed to vent his feelings towards someone, anyone who would listen. The guy didn't have any one at the time who really listened to him and everything he had to say, so I just let him talk on and on about what he felt about everything, no matter how gruesome and depressing it got for me. I just didn't know how to handle it and, honestly, I still don't.
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  18. Venting out your frustrations and your feelings help. That's why most people come to me for advice or I offer to give my two cents. It's pretty obvious in this day and age that there are a lot of expectations and some people can't live up to it. Plus, people would think society is getting better, but I'd only say it as far as technology goes. Racism will exist forever, bullying, wars, etc.

    People just need to open up more rather than keeping their feelings inside, because it's just building up to a point that you can't take it no more.
  19. I've never understood it tbh. I can see if you're sick or old and have nothing to look forward to other than your death, and hey you just want to end it there. It's the 12-16 year old girls that make it unreasonable and plain stupid.

    They complain about stupid things and they always end up contradicting themselves. They say their parents give theme nothing - sent from their iPhone 5. It's a combination of stupidity and hypocrisy. I have experience because I'm in high school in this modern age. Girls are proud of their scars from cutting themselves. Wtf? They seek attention, so when they don't get it by senselessly hurting themselves they just end it. It's so much overreacting. I do have an example. A freshman, I believe, from my school ran away from home and was missing for 2 weeks. They claimed she was depressed and suicidal. She shows up after they found her and she's all happy. I don't understand some people's mindset.

    They also never listen. They won't delete the all they're cyber bullied on, they won't talk to a friend or family member, and they wot seek help.

    Reading over this post, I have no idea what I'm getting at :haha: This is something I could rant about for days, but it's not worth it. Unnecessary suicides are just going to keep happening because of society. It's ridiculous.
  20. Suicide as a whole is a weak mind looking for an easy way out. It is careless and selfish. No matter who you are, what you've done, there is always someone who cares about you and to end your life and not consider the people left here to mourn your loss it greedy and cold hearted. In the case that a person is deathly ill and old, if they want to die, I believe they should have the right to pull the plug. That is the only way I see it as okay because if it wasn't for medical help, their body would die on its own, not that they would actually take a gun and off themselves.

    I don't understand it, and never will. I have come across people saying they are going to do it, and never did/do it. My brother has brought up killing himself over stress but I told my mom, when he stops bringing it up is when she should worry. He is just stressed out with life. Many kids now a days, at least in America, talk about killing themselves. My own niece is one. Does she mean it? hell no! It is a shame that she has to talk that way though. People have become so rapped up in themselves anymore that if it is not all about them, life sucks. That is partially do to the media and how everything is advertised. Making people feel less than others over materialistic things. Add in the bullying of others, it is no wonder no one is happy. People just need to learn to not be so damn greedy. It is sick when you hear of a child killing himself/herself over being bullied because in most cases, no adult did anything to stop it and the kids who do it, usually say nothing.

    Anyways... That is just my opinion on it. I feel bad that people have to even consider the idea.