your own creative ideas for WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. share one or more. here.

    How about on Smackdown!, Daimon Sandow is treating himself to nice dinner at restaurant for being a money in the bank winner. Waiter brings the food but its chody Rhodes who attacks sandow.

    Backstage segment/moment - wyatts scare bradox Maddox or one of the interviewers, this would be good.

    or how about wyatt family scaring Vickie Guerrero would definitely be nice. Wyatts leave off with brya wyatt laughing in his usual wicked way.

    Kane invades the wyatt residence/looking for the wyatts and destroys them. Later on, wyatts(off-camera are taken out of the house), wyatt residence is on fire, after kane leaves the residence, .

    I could come up with more but I will just stop it here.
  2. There's a match with multiple superstars (battle royal or 6/8 man tag etc.) featuring the top stars. After a while the match turns into chaos and the Wyatt Family music hits. They make their entrance and lay everyone out. Bray makes a speech and does his usual pose on his knees with his arms spread over the bodies of superstars. The announcers wish you good night and the little end of show logo appears then suddenly...

    Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta ... The Shield

    The Shield make their entrance and surround the ring. The two stable brawl and eventually The Shield gets the upper hand. Bray escapes but The Shield hit the triple powerbomb on Eric Rowan/Luke Harper. Bray looks on in anger and disbelief from the ramp. The show ends.

    Loved the Kane idea btw.
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