WrestleMania Your predictions on the WM 28 card?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by leojay, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. As WM gets closer and closer, predictions get higher and higher. This year has the potential to be one of the biggest WM imo, if they get the whole card right. So, with this, what matches do you think we're going to see, and what do you want to see?


    CM Punk Vs Jericho

    Orton vs Bryan vs Barrett

    Ziggler vs Foley

    Undertaker vs HHH III (sigh)

    Don't know the rest

    What I want:

    CM Punk Vs Jericho

    Orton Vs Bryan

    Barrett vs Undertaker

    Del Rio vs Mysterio

    Ziggler vs Foley

    Returning Ryder vs Swagger

    I'm very hopeful this year, I really hope the WWE don't fuck it up.
  2. I think you're spot on tbh. MITB is rumoured to return.
  3. this for me if they do will be where i do anythin but watch WM for 30mins! total yawn. respect for I an II but a third part would taint the legacy!
  4. I can't see Barrett in the main event for some reason. I see Bryan vs Orton or possibly Orton vs Henry. I think Barrett will be in the MiTB.

    I think Punk vs Jericho is pretty much confirmed, with or without a Jericho Rumble win.
  5. Sort of agreed, I'm hoping Barrett ME's and gets the win but with WWE's past I don't believe that'll happen. The guy is one of the best mic workers in WWE, decent in the ring, believable size. They just refuse to push him. Meh.
  6. Well, the SD World Title match won't really be considered Main Event, there's probably going to be three matches after it.