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  1. Im a big fan of anime and tna my favourate wresters are
    aj styles
    yoshi tatsu
    tiger mask
    I find many people on forums stupid and onnoying lets hope your not all like they are on the other site
  2. I came to WWEF because it was Nero free, thanks a lot. [​IMG]
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  3. God dammit. Welcome.
  4. great another inspiring gif from fullofit
  5. I'll try not to be onnoying. Welcome to the forums bro.
  6. I try
  7. Always liked Nero, Yo man.
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  10. What anime's do you watch? Also, welcome!
  11. atheism rules jesus is a lie
  12. Spelling correctly rules!
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  13. i live with 4 japenese housemates pretty much all we watch is anime
  14. i can use spell check your worshiping an imaginary man in the sky
  15. :facepalm1:
  16. judging from your crying gif and stupid arguments im gonna guess your thg
  17. ..................k. It's your third face! TNH!
  18. *Coon has awarded you Grammar Levels.*
    LEVEL UP! Punctuation unlocked.
    Error! Skill not applicable.
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