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  1. Come up with your best all time stable. Name it, and explain everyone's position. You can pick guys from any era. However, you have to choose wisely you can't have 1987 Hogan as your IC champ, cause that would never happen. Be somewhat realistic.

    Stable name: Unbeatable

    WC contender: Bret Hart '97 era (Hart at the top of his game)
    IC contender: Mr.Perfect '90 era (Brought prestige to the title)
    US contender: Kurt Angle '00 era (Young goofy Angle before he was in the ME)
    TTC contender: Edge & Christian '99 era (best TT matches ever)
    Divas contender: Trish Stratus '03 era (best divas champ ever)
    Manager: Bobby "the Brain" Heenan '88 era (Weasel at his best)
  2. WC contender: Stone Cold
    IC contender: Shawn Michaels
    US contender: Kurt Angle
    TTC contender: Edge & Christian
    Divas contender: Trish Stratus
    Manager: Paul Heymen
  3. Wrestling's Elite

    Kurt Angle - WWE
    Daniel Bryan - IC
    Shelton Benjamin & Owen Hart - Tag Team
    Natalya - Divas
  4. WC contender: Hollywood Hulk Hogan 97 imo the GOAT stable leader.
    IC contender: Scott Hall 97
    US contender: Bryan Danielson 06
    TTC contender: Hollywood Blondes
    Divas contender: Trish Stratus '03 - can't argue here
    Manager: Paul Heyman (love hearing him speak)
  5. WWE: Bryan
    WHC: Ziggler
    IC: Ambrose
    US: Kidd
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