Your take on Handicap matches

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by the_hoff, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. "3. Do you like having two 3 on 1 handicap matches on a pay-per-view?
    I don't like it at all. I think handicap matches are fine on television once in a while, but WWE is going a bit crazy with the amount of handicap matches they have had in the last few weeks. I absolutely understand that they do them because it's a way to get sympathy for the babyface wrestlers. I never thought we'd see the day where two 3 on 1 handicap matches are the 2nd and 3rd biggest matches on a show where you're asking people to spend $55 for. It's further proof that the decision makers in WWE are out of touch these days because that never would have happened when the shows were better.
    All of this is likely going to lead to Vince McMahon (I already mentioned him) coming back as the babyface owner that says things aren't fair in WWE today, so he has to change some things. Of course we don't know why he would come back as a babyface, but hopefully that's part of the explanation."

    Read that earlier today, and it really did get me thinking. I completely agree that the WWE's using handicap matches a bit too much lately bro. I used to get excited for them, now, not so much anymore.
  2. The WWE does use them too much. It is a really good tool for a corrupt GM every once in a while, but anymore it happens too often. So it ends up losing the impact that it once had. WWE really should do more focus group research or something. It's like they have fallen completely into the trap of "It's worked before, so it will work again". Recipe for stale.
  3. Ehh, it's whatever to me. Yes they have been using it a lot recently, but it still adds that bit of excitement at times. Shield vs Punk is something I could enjoy.
  4. They are a bit pointless but always end up entertaining. Its just an easy way to ensure guys on the roster get some spotlight with no massive story lines needing figuring out though tbh.
  5. Well, they're there to tell the story that the Authority are bad people who put the babyfaces through tough challenges. Considering the overall story, they make sense, so no harm in having them. If it was out of nowhere it'd be weird, but there's an explanation.
  6. I thought this thread was about CM Punk's mental disabilities :silva:
  7. I Feel Handicap Matches are a Nice way to further certain types of story lines (Examples would be the current Authority Storyline and the Wyatt vs Punk/Bryan Storyline). In these types of matches I think they can also be open to adding someone new to the storyline (E.G Someone runs in during the match and saves the lone competitor from a 3 on 1 beatdown, adding another guy to the feud). I also think Handicap matches can be good to build a monster around, to show he's a ruthless being and that no one should mess with him.
    Overall, I'm alright with Handicap matches if they're used right like in story lines or with the right guy they want to make a monster.

    Also, Dolph's, I thought this was going to be on Zach Gowen's match vs Brock Lesner......
  8. Handicap matches are unfair. I don't care if it's Taker vs The Shield 1 on 3 or Big Show and Kane vs. Rey Mysterio 2 on 1, it's just unfair! And I agree WWE uses them too much and I have no clue why. It sucks and of course the bigger "team" would win 9 times out of 10 because the "odds are more in their favor" if you will, and I gotta say that I feel like WWE has been putting more superstars in tag teams than 1 on 1 matches...
  9. I don't like the idea of Bryan vs the Wyatts at TLC. I don't see Bryan winning to be honest
  10. Same here!

    Dead Man Walkin'
  11. I personally like the idea behind making Punk and Bryan go it alone against two different stables, but that's just me. I'm putting money on one guy just barely pulling out a victory and the other guy putting up a damn good fight but ultimately failing.
  12. this. i expect a punk to win and db to lose
  13. Just hitting on those from on the pay-per-view:

    They're semi-interesting. Looking up and down the card it's hard to get excited for them, but the aftermath and the way everything unfolds should be fun. There was a Ziggler vs the Shield 3-on-1 that was great, the match was good and lasted a nice 10 minutes with Ziggler rolling out of the way to save his life and even getting some nice, believable hope spots in. Shield won, but Ziggler looked really competitive in defeat + the Authority were absolute assholes + the Shield weren't much better for following through on it. It was one of the most effective segments I've seen to put a bunch of heat on a bunch of characters.

    That was on Raw, though. This is PPV. Both of these matches feel like the odds will overcome the babyface because that makes sense. That's what should happen. If Punk or Bryan win one of these matches, that's crossing the line from "amazing effort from the babyface" to "total bullshit". It's one of the main things that makes Cena so overpushed, so it's the last thing they should do with Punk or Bryan... and if we aren't inclined to root for our hero to win (or don't think he has a shot) then it's hard to look forward to the matches no matter how good they will be.

    Does anyone know if those matches will be elimination style or not?
  14. That's the way I see it if either guy gets a victory (although part of me thinks Bryan perhaps needs a win in order to get the Wyatts to bugger off as far as trying to turn him into one of them.) A believable way to have Punk pick up a victory if to have him on fire at the end and effectively fighting all three members of The Shield off, and then Reigns goes for a spear and accidentally nails Ambrose instead of Punk. Punk then sends Reigns over the top rope and catches Rollins in a GTS for the pinfall victory. Punk triumphing over The Shield gets him one step closer to Orton and (hopefully) Triple H. Meanwhile, The Shield's tension grows as Ambrose is able to put the blame on Reigns and Rollins and accuse them both of dropping the ball (Reigns for spearing him, Rollins for eating the pinfall.)

    Really though, they'll most likely both lose. Punk will probably be on a roll at the end until Reigns nails him with a hard-hitting spear to finally put him down.
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