Your ten most overrated finishers in the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. What the title says. List your ten most overrated finishers in the WWE. Please give a reason as well so we truly can have a discussion. I will be using a list taken off of Bleacher Report since I agreed with all the finishers, I just moved some of them around a bit to suit my personal opinion and taste.

    What are yours? :dawg:
  2. cba with 10 but

    #1 is Chokeslam
  3. :gtfo: Then
  4. #10 - The people's elbow
    #9 - starship pain
    #8 - Clothesline from Hell
    #7 - 619
    #6 - RKO
    #5 - Sleeper hold
    #4 - Complete Shot
    #3 - Backsuplex
    #2 - Skull crushing finale
    #1 - Chokeslam
  5. 10. Hulk Hogan's leg drop. :blown: It would hurt, but not such much to be the finisher of the 'greatest of all time'.

    9. Spear. Just running at the opponent and basically tackling them at not even full speed.

    8. People's elbow. Elbow to the chest, that's it really. Not that painful.

    7. Rock Bottom/Book End. Side slam, not even painful enough for a finisher again, just a slam, like when you trip over.

    6. RKO. It's not a 'Get you down for 3 count' more like a second 'ow, bitch.' kinda move.

    5. Andre the Giant's headbutt. Why.. is this even a finisher? It's not THAT painful, even with Andre's size.

    4. Chokeslam. Grab them by the throat, and throw them to the ground from 7 feet in the air. Still not painful enough to be a finisher.

    3. Cross Body. It would hurt, but you would be able to get out if it was a pin from a super heavyweight.

    2. World's strongest slam, not really. He's a powerful dude, but it's still just a slam though.

    1. Attitude Adjustment/Fireman's Carry Slam - From the shoulders of Cena, who's not that tall, to the ground. Worst finisher in wrestling, imo.
  6. 10- Brogue Kick
    9- Code Breaker
    8- RKO
    7- Chokeslam
    6- Shooting Star Press
    5- Marching around the ring
    4- Attitude Adjustment
    3- Moonsault Side Slam
    2- Pedigree
    1- "No!" Lock
  7. Pretty funny how your list has all the same finishers as Bleacher Report's overrated finishers list..
  8. I agree with it though.
  9. It's funny to me that the majority of finishers are usually nowhere near the most hurtful moves that are inflicted on someone during a match. A superplex is usually more painful than most wrestler's finishers. To me, that's just part of the cartoonish nature of wrestling that I kinda like - just because a wrestler calls a certain move his 'finishing' move, it's supposed to be 10x hurtful when he does it than when anyone else does it.
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