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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Chris1990slater, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Ok youve just joined the WWE as a new superstar... what would you be?
    Stage name?

    Face or heel -

    Finisher -

    Entrance Music -

    Attire -

    Fighting style -

    Raw or SD -

    Tag team partner -

    Your fued -

    Personality -


    Stage name- King

    Face or heel -Heel

    Finisher - Some sort of brutal DDT

    Entrance Music - King of kings

    Attire - CM PUNK style but in yellow :emoji_grin:

    Fighting style - Brawler

    Raw or SD - RAW

    Tag team partner - Cody Rhodes

    Your fued - Cena

    Personality - Bit like the legend killer orton, Good but still a coward haha
  2. Stage name - Andrew Austins

    Face or heel - heel

    Finisher - Walls of Jericho

    Entrance Music - Burn in my Light

    Attire - Jean shorts, elbow pad on the right, basketball shoes

    Fighting style - Highflyer

    Raw or SD - Raw

    Tag team partner - none

    Your fued - with John Cena for supremacy in the WWE

    Personality - thinks he is all that, believes he is very awesome
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  3. Stage name - Gator

    Face or heel - Heel eventually but turn face

    Finisher - Belly to back suplex flipped into a high knee

    Entrance Music - something awesome like tyson kidds

    Attire - like tyson kidds

    Fighting style - like tyson kidds

    Raw or SD - smackdown with tyson kidd

    Tag team partner - tyson kidd

    Your fued - over intercontinental championship

    Personality - passionate but has a mean streak

    you should all create a character for federation X :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. But I'm a girl! :((

    Face or heel - Face
    Finisher - Melina's "Fame Kisser"
    Entrance Music - Pourqoui?
    Attire - Ashley's
    Fighting style - Technical
    Raw or SD - SD
    Tag team partner - Deffo be AJ ot Kaitlyn
    Your fued - Layla
    Personality - Bubbly
  6. Stage name? - R'A Kyro

    Face or heel - Heel at first to establish myself

    Finisher - Radge bomb/Muay Thai Kick

    Entrance Music - Nero - Me & You

    Attire - Emerald green trunks with flashes of white. Maybe pink or black trunks with flashes of green and white as well.

    Fighting style - Technical with some high flying stuff

    Raw or SD - Raw

    Tag team partner - D - Bry

    Your fued - Starts off by being all arrogant and getting put in matches with big superstars. Doesn't win but puts up a fight - abuses the fans enough to still be a heel.

    Personality - Abuses fans - bit of a knob.
  7. Stage name?
    Heather (yes, I would use my own name..its a good name why change it? XD)

    Face or heel - Heel

    Finisher - Step Up Enzuigri

    Entrance Music - Not sure on this.

    Attire - [​IMG]

    Fighting style - Submission/High Flyer

    Raw or SD - SD

    Tag team partner - The Divas don't typically have defined tag team partners.. Just saying. I would want to be in a partnership with Heath Slater in some sort of way, though.

    Your fued - Whatever @wwerulesrkolover23 characters name is XD

    Personality - Thinks she is better than the rest of the Divas. Can't stand the way the divas division is used currently.
  8. Hannah. I'm going with Hannah.


    We're having a feud, sista.
  9. Lol. I thought it would be a good feud :emoji_wink:
  10. Stage name? Hardcore Wonder

    Face or heel -heel

    Finisher -sharpshooter

    Entrance Music -symphony of destruction by Megadeth

    Attire -black tights with green skulls that looks like their dripping on each side, one black glove on my left hand, and a green one on my right, and black boots with green laces.

    Fighting style -Submission expert and very hardcore

    Raw or SD -Smackdown

    Tag team partner -Mark Henry

    Your fued -Christian

    Personality -Cocky, and crazy.
  11. I'd probably be given a weird name, character and be forced to work with it without being able to voice my opinion on my gimmick or any part of my persona.
  12. Stage name?

    Face or heel - Heel

    Finisher - Corkscrew Moonsault

    Entrance Music - Out of my way - Seether

    Attire - Black trunks. with 2 blue lines down each side that covers both my hips with a white line on the side of it, Sorta like aries and my initials on the back of my trunks. Wrist tape on both wrists, Elbow pads on both elbows, Knee pads on both knees and white + black boots.

    Fighting style - Highflying and Muai Thai.

    Raw or SD - Smackdown

    Tag team partner - Justin Gabriel

    Your feud - Sick of only "Steroid" junkies getting the spotlight so I make it my own duties to take them out of the spot light so I feud with guys with a lot of muscle like Ezekial Jackson, Ryback and John Cena.

    Personality - Someone who speaks their mind, Always starting trouble but running away and taking the cheap shots.
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