Your theme song if you were a wrestler?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. What would everyone have as their theme song if they were a wrestler ? Sorry if this is a recycled topic only joined couple of days ago..

    If that doesn't work..

    I would enter at 40 seconds and do a turnbuckle pose at 1:42 :emoji_slight_smile:

    What would everyone else have?
  2. From 0.16

  3. If I was a heel (Hopefully when I first come in)

    If I was a face
  4. The Motto by drake
  5. [yt][/yt]

    1:36. So epic.
  6. I'd probably go the Danielson route and just pick this cheesiest song I could so probably this :
  7. Btw this is a really good thread, no idea how no one has posted this before.
  8. My god that's horrible :upset:
  9. No,dude, that's "Rest in Pi**" by Brotha Lynch...

    I dated a girl that dated that guy... Holy sh**, Dolph's you're probably from the same place I am... small world

    Crayo, Brotha Lynch will blow your mind, that guy is siccer than sicc
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  10. You are British Crayo, your opinion on rap is not valid

    I knew I loved you for a reason. I'm not from Sac town though, Bay Area here.
  11. A hard-rock remix of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" or Disturbed's "Down with the Sickness".

  12. Yep, Sac here...errr... was.

    I'll only say this one time.... if any of you have never heard No Cal rap... keep your dome in the ground

    Snoop you ripped off E-40, Brotha Lynch was eating children before Enimem heard of me**... and well X-Raided puts 50 to shame

    I'll give you Motorhead, Crayo... they're pretty boss
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  13. This was too easy for me.


  14. Everybody who don't like E-40 is a hoe cake plain and simple. And Brotha lynch is just wild. When I first started hearing him I was just like.. damn this guy doesn't give a fuck. Who can make rapping about cannibalism cool? and his beats put him over the top. Nobody is like him, a true original
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  15. God @[seabs] atleeast pick a good cheesy song like this...

  16. That's not cheesy that's awesome @[Babyface]
  17. Very true...

    #Heel's heel song scares me with that dude in the white mask that just randomly appears on your screen.
  18. Repped

    Not to beat this dead horse, b/c this is a wrestling forum...

    I'll take 'that sickness' and "Gettin it" over rapping about comic books (WuTang) and a fat dead rapper who's overrated anyways

    I really don't spin the crap they shovel out nowadays, but, I digress this is a WF and I wouldn't want the kids here to be scarred for life by Brotha Lynch Hung
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