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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Star Lord, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. What are your guys thoughts on this PPV? Im actually excited for it, The card looks great and the crowd will be awesome and the matches look like they will be awesome!
  2. Terrible build. Awful main event. Crowd will be good. A couple of the matches might be watchable.
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  3. Wouldn't say "terrible build" as much as they finally used a filler show for what it was designed for. They'll give us a few talking points to make us interested but focus more on long-term storytelling and setting up bigger PPV's on Raw.

    -Main event should be Punk and Jericho. That's the selling point to the PPV and that's what's gonna get buyrates, plus putting the Three Stages of PG Hell match after it would just give them a dead crowd (though maybe that's for the best). Imo there's no way Punk should win this. (People who hate seeing that, think about it: Is there a bigger compliment than saying "He can afford to do a job"?) It looks like they're breaking Heyman and Punk up and turning Punk back baby (please don't be a disaster this time) and having Jericho go over would just speed that up. Plus you could have the double-turn in Chicago where it'll really get over and have Jericho take Punk's place in Heyman's gang so Cena will actually have someone to feud with.

    -The Less Credible Ziggler vs ADR, really I'm only interested in the follow up to this. Hopefully we can get these two slapnuts out of the world title scene so Ziggler can feud with somebody someone cares about (Punk or Jericho vs Ziggler? Hell yeah!) or go ahead and set up Big E Ziggler dropping the strap to Big E soon. At this point I really don't care which, sad after how hard we marked after he won the thing.

    -Sometimes predictability in wrestling is a good thing. Orton and Bryan vs the Shield is a match that we've seen so many times in so many ways, and while it's still a fun match a lot of the enjoyment comes from the upcoming obvious heel turn. Will it be Orton or Bryan? Probably Orton, but that won't mean I won't want to see it. If it's Bryan...

    Fully expect these three matches to be absolutely fantastic and will certainly make this a PPV worth watching. As for the rest of the card:

    -Miz vs Barrett vs Axel: Don't care. Next.

    -Kane vs Ambrose: Blown off on TV. Filler match. Sorry Crayo. Next.


    -I'm really interested in just for the crowd reaction for Kaitlyn vs AJ. IMO the Divas division has never been on this much of a hot seat after AJ's scathing promo on Kaitlyn actually got some heat in this rivalry, with some nice backstory involved as well. If the crowd dies here, it's time to do away with the division altogether or immediately get the belt on Emma because now that it's a joke you may as well make it funny. Reference Sweet T.

    -And last but not least, the Three Stages of Unintentional Comedy Match. As a Ryback Fan you've heard me mock this non-stop, and yeah I expect this to be an absolute catastrophe, but sometimes those train wreck moments are the most memorable. I'll give it this though: How will this match end? If Ryback loses, his momentum is completely gone, and no way Cena is losing. How can you book a dusty finish to an Ambulance Match lmao. Yeah you can have a dusty fall 1/2 but if the match has a clean finish that's what fans will remember... So, see ya later Ryback. Would say have fun in the mid-card, but knowing WWE they'll just keep you main-eventing long after the point where they've ruined your credibility... It's interesting for all the wrong reasons.
  4. I'm 50-50 on it. I know it'll make for a good show because it's in Chicago but most of the matches are hit or miss.
  5. VERY predictable IMO. Not really interested in much other than the possibility of Axel winning the IC title. Many are fawning over a Punk return, but I saw that feud last year, don't care about it this year.
  6. I agree with Senhor Perfect, the PPV does seem very predictable. I'm looking forward to the outcome of a couple of matches for instance Punk/Jericho, Axel and the IC match, and seeing if AJ wins the Divas title. I'm sure the crowd will be red hot which will make the PPV a little more enjoyable.
  7. I think the best way to 'protect' Ryback is to have him score the pin fall in the first round with the lumberjacks, and then have Cena put him through a table and then toss him into the ambulance for the win. It protects him because a pin fall is a lot more significant than just going through a table and being thrown in the back of a vehicle. Plus, they want to make Cena look like this big underdog against the monster Ryback so having him lose the first fall means he has to score two falls in a row or else he loses the match and the championship.

    Everyone knows Ryback isn't winning the WWE Title. It couldn't be more obvious. He's been playing up this Ambulance gimmick since Extreme Rules and with it being the last fall, the last image that this feud ends with will obviously be Cena tossing Ryback in the back of the ambulance and then slapping the side of the vehicle to tell it to drive Ryback off. Then Cena will go back in the ring and hold the title up and celebrate after having overcome another obstacle, an image we've seen so many, many times before.

    Then Ryback can talk about how he pinned the WWE Champion (albeit with help from the heel lumberjacks, most likely.) I'm mostly interested in who Ryback will feud with next. They turned him heel for a main event feud and then he loses (again.) Interesting to see where he goes from here.
  8. It's a very predictable card, only unpredictable match for me is the IC Title match, but I also think Jericho vs. Punk and Shield vs. Orton & Bryan would be both great matches
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